Steps in Building a Home Ice Rink

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    People love ice skating . IN 2014, about 10.65 million of people in the United States, who are six or older who took part in the sport. There are 1,900 indoor ice hockey rinks throughout the country and 500 outdoor ice hockey rinks. People even put in home ice rinks. Hockey is more popular than ever. In the United States, the 2013-14 season, about 519,417 were registered to play the sport. That is heartening to read, given the American problems with obesity.

    Hockey has a long history. Some people have dated it back to Finland nearly three thousand years ago. The Dutch put their spin on it in the 13th or 14 century by basically inventing the current ice skate. The would use them on the many frozen waterways throughout the country. The word “hockey” comes to us from the Scottish. The actual word means ” Continue Reading

    How Many Times a Year Does Your Family Go Camping?

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    The girls originally purchased the three tent kit for their Dad for Father’s Day. At the time, it was fun to go camping in the backyard with the whole family. Each of the two sisters were assigned the task of setting up their own small tent. Dad assembled the largest tent; mom sat on the sideline, offering assistance and taking pictures. Once all three tents were completely set up, both of the girls climbed into the large tent and began the process of attaching their smaller tent. Sometimes in just a few minutes, sometimes in a half of an hour, the three tents would be zipped together and the process of setting up camp, backyard style would commence.
    For the girls, the most important part of preparing their camp was setting up their sleeping bags, pillows, stuffed animals, and blankets. Knowing Continue Reading

    Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Wear Coaches Apparel All Day, Everyday

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    Withh body positivity and personal fitness and exercise programs being more popular than ever, it’s no wonder that fashion has taken a different turn these days. Fashionable isn’t necessarily equated to what’s on the hottest designer runways, but moreso, what’s fashionable and en vogue is now found at the gym or even in the streets in the form of athletic apparel. Even celebrities have hopped onto the ever so popular athletic apparel fashion bandwagon to create lines of fitness clothing emblazoned with their own personal touch. These days, it pays not only to be fit but to look the part as well, in the form of athletic yet fashionable team apparel.

    Nowadays, you don’t have to have a reason to dress in athletic apparel other than the fact that you just think it looks good! You can enjoy the feeling of wear Continue Reading

    The Awesome Video Trend Taking Over YouTube and Facebook

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    While slow motion scenes showed up every once in awhile in old TV shows and movies, the invention of super slow motion cameras has taken this filmmaker’s tool to a whole new level. Not only do movies like The Matrix, the new X-Men, and Every Movie Zack Snyder Ever Made feature killer slow motion scenes, but YouTube is full of crazy slow motion camera videos.
    Sure, if you look hard enough online, you’ll find tons of researchers and scientists using high speed cameras for high-tech experiments and tests, but wouldn’t you rather watch things explode in slow motion instead? Of course you would, it’s practically the only reason the Internet was invented in the first place.
    In fact Continue Reading

    What is a Slow Motion Camera and How Does it Work?

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    Slow motion cameras first came in handy back in 1878 when Edward Muybridge used one to answer the age-old question about a horse?s gallop. Experts wanted to know if there was ever a point at which all four hooves were off the ground at once during a horse?s motion of gallop. The slow motion camera was able to capture that very moment, confirming the hypothesis.

    The shutter speed of the cameras that captured the gait were operating at 1/2000 s, which now seems like nothing compared to the one million frames per second reached by some of today?s most impressive high speed cameras.

    How does a slow motion camera work?
    Shutter speed is measured in fractions of a second, ran Continue Reading