Interested in Bike Fitness? Here’s How to Stay Safe!

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    It’s no secret that bicycling is great for your health. Biking instead of driving to work can burn an extra 3,000 calories a month, and a 135-pound woman biking at 12-14 miles an hour burns 488 calories in only 60 minutes.

    Biking isn’t just great for weight loss. Even three hours of rigorous biking a week can decrease your risk of heart disease by 50%, and biking has been shown to strengthen your immune system, protect against certain cancers, and improve your mental health. In fact, cycling regularly is even strongly believed to increase your life-span.

    But these benefits won’t help you if you’re not cycling with safety-conscious techniques and bike components.. Most people can cycle without problems, but it’s always a good idea to consult your doctor before incorporating any major activity into a fitne Continue Reading