Three Ways You Can Get Your Child Excited About Soccer

“Soccer is a magical game,” David Beckham, the English star soccer player, once said. Soccer is a great game for kids to learn and excel at. It teaches focus, keeps kids active, encourages dexterity, and creates an environment for strong team bonding. As many coaches like to say: “There is no ‘i’ in soccer.” Being on a soccer team can also look good on college applications when the time comes. Do you want to foster your child’s interest in soccer? Here are three ways to get them to love the sport, and want to become a better player.

1. Learn Soccer Skills With Them

Starting out in a sport can be intimidating, and it’s good for kids to feel like they have a parent on their side. Learning some of the basic soccer skills alongside your child has a three-fold benefit. First, they feel supported in their endeavors. Second, spending quality time with them reinforces positive associations with the game. Third, you become your child’s unofficial coach. It’s easier to help them improve their skills and enroll them in quality programs if you know what to look for in the first place.

2. Summer Soccer Camps

A great way to get kids involved in the game that is 265 million global players strong is to enroll them in a summer soccer training program. Why? Normally, your child only gets training for a few hours a day at the most, and they have to deal with other distractions. Soccer camps can involve intensive training that really brings playing skills to the next level. Ideally, your child will interact with professional soccer coaches on a daily basis that can deliver personalized feedback after weeks of close observation. If summer is too busy, many camps offer seasonal programs as well.

3. Get Other Parents Involved

For younger kids especially, peers active in the same sports as them can make it easier to stay involved and interested. Not to mention it will make it easier for you to arrange transportation to and from practices! See if you can get like-minded parents of your child’s friends on board with co-attending camp or extracurriculars.

Are you trying to get your child more involved with soccer? Let us know in the comments.

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