Are You Looking for a Magnetic Construction Set for Your Children?

    Magnetic tiles

    It should come as no surprise that adult coloring books and nice sets of colored pencils were some of the favorite Christmas gifts posted this year on social media sites. Scientific articles have recently talked about the therapeutic benefits of sitting and quietly coloring. As other newspaper articles talk about preschool stressing the youngest children out, it might be good to get back to the basics of how children spent their days a few generations ago. Coloring and building with blocks.
    What do you remember doing when you were young? Were you at organized play groups, or were you left to play with your brother and build blocks for hours while your mom was doing laundry in the basement? If you are looking to recapture the unstructured, less stressful time of your youth, maybe it is time that you quit pur Continue Reading

    Why Creative Toys for Children Are About More Than Just Fun

    Educational magnetic toys

    In an age of iPads, video games, and other technology competing for children’s interests, it can often be difficult for parents to encourage imaginative play for their children. Not only do fewer kids want to go outside, but they’re also sometimes less willing to play with educational toys and games.

    That doesn’t necessarily mean that video and computer games don’t have some importance. After all, kids’s brains reach about 90% of their adult weight by the age of eight and continue to grow until kids are 18. But kids also need time away from the screen in order to interact with their friends, siblings, and parents. Parents who want their children to have some free play should think about which creative toys for children their kids would appreciate most.

    Why do creative toys for children he Continue Reading