Five Things You Need to Store in Your Dock Box

    Dock ladder

    Docks are a great help to boaters who like to enjoy the water every time the sun comes out without having to haul their boat and deal with long lines at launches. They are even more convenient if you choose to add items like power pedestals to prevent boat batteries from draining and dock bumpers for some added safety. But dock boxes tend to be one of the most convenient accessories. They allow you to store all of the items you’ll need for a fun and safe day on the water right where you tie up your boat.

    Relaxing Essentials

    If you just want to lay in the sun, then you won’t need to take a ton of stuff with you on the water. However, missing even the smallest items can be a hassle when you realize you left them behind. Keeping things like sunscreen, an extra towel, some shades, or even some spare Continue Reading