Talking About Tomahawks An Introductory In The World Of Tactical Tomahawks

    Hand forged tactical tomahawks

    Whether you’re a weekend warrior, an avid outdoorsmen, a doomsday “prepper”, or an active-duty solider, there is a hand forged tomahawk out there for you. Though most people are familiar with combat tomahawks used as weapons, tomahawk axes are in fact versatile, multipurpose tools. This leaves many people to wonder where to buy tomahawks, as they continue to increase in popularity.

    A tomahawk, or simply known as a hawk, is type of axe designed by North American Native Americans and later used by European colonials. In fact, the very word tomahawk first came into the English language from the Powhatan word tamahaac, which was derived from the Proto-Algonquian root *temah- ‘to cut off by tool.

    Both old and modern tomahawks resemble hatchets in design, with both having a Continue Reading