Top 3 Spots for Family Summer Fun in the US

    Amusement park

    Before summer ends and school begins make the most of your vacation time by spending it with your families. While the weather is still nice, consider where you want to spend time with your family as we count down the top 3 outdoor spots for summer family fun.

    3. Sun and Sand Beach Vacation

    Going on vacation is one of the best ways of getting away from your stressful routine. 78% of families surveyed in the United States said that they plan two or more vacations per year. 29% of the surveyed 1,100 American adults preferred beaches and other warm weather options. Unsurprisingly, Florida regularly have the most tourists of any state, so far reporting over 69,463,000 tourists only halfway through 2015. If you are planning a vacation anytime soon, you may be one of the 69% of Americans w Continue Reading