Three Things Every Marathoner Needs After Their Big Race

    Marathon necklaces

    Fall marathon season is well underway, and for many runners this will be their marathon debut. Training for a marathon is no easy feat, and completing one is an even bigger accomplishment. Anyone who has a friend about to run their first marathon probably thinks they are a little bit crazy, but they will be there to cheer their friend on and wait for them at the finish line regardless. If you know someone who will be running a marathon soon, here are some little ways to help them celebrate their big accomplishment after the race:

    1. Recovery Sandals – A person’s body takes a beating during a marathon, and their feet get the brunt of the damage. Nothing beats kicking off a pair of running shoes after 26.2 grueling miles and slipping into more comfortable foot attire. Recovery san Continue Reading

    How Hosting a Soccer Tournament Can Help Teams, Clubs and the Local Community

    How to host a soccer tournament

    Most kids play soccer for at least a short period of time when they are little, with local summer recreational leagues abundant and very popular across the country. For those who really grow to love the sport, joining a travel soccer team is a natural next step to help develop skills as both an individual and team player. Outside of regularly scheduled games, youth soccer tournaments are a big part of a travel soccer team’s schedule. Often times, teams will have to travel to play in tournaments. While this is a great experience, hosting a soccer travel tournament also has its benefits.

    The Benefits of Youth Soccer Tournaments For:

    1. The Players – SContinue Reading