Three Things Every Marathoner Needs After Their Big Race

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Fall marathon season is well underway, and for many runners this will be their marathon debut. Training for a marathon is no easy feat, and completing one is an even bigger accomplishment. Anyone who has a friend about to run their first marathon probably thinks they are a little bit crazy, but they will be there to cheer their friend on and wait for them at the finish line regardless. If you know someone who will be running a marathon soon, here are some little ways to help them celebrate their big accomplishment after the race:

  1. Recovery Sandals – A person’s body takes a beating during a marathon, and their feet get the brunt of the damage. Nothing beats kicking off a pair of running shoes after 26.2 grueling miles and slipping into more comfortable foot attire. Recovery sandals with special massaging soles are the perfect way to help sore, tired feet relax after a big race. The cushioned sole of recovery sandals is designed specifically for runners to massage their feet and improve blood flow and circulation. Your friend won’t complain about that!
  2. A Good Meal – Running a big race like a marathon takes a lot of energy, and odds are your friend will be famished after they finish (that is after the nausea subsides, of course). A nice warm meal and ice cold beer is probably all they can think about, so taking them out to their favorite restaurant is a great way to help them recover. Offer to take them to the restaurant of their choice for a meal on you and they will be forever grateful.
  3. Special Marathon Memento – There are tons of different unique and personalized running gifts out there that make a great marathon memento. Running decals, running bumper stickers, engraved jewelry and a special bib holder all make great marathon gifts that will help your friend remember their big race. It takes many months of hard work and dedication to train for a marathon, and having something to remember the accomplishment by is a great gift.

After running a marathon, your friend will be tired, hungry and sore, but by showing your support with some comfy sandals, a nice meal or a little memento, you can show the how proud you are of their accomplishments.

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