4 Martial Arts Your Child Can Learn at Summer Camp

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    With technology becoming more prevalent, more and more children are spending their time indoors using technology than being outside or being active. In fact, only one in three children partake in physical activity every day. The fact that children, on average, now spend seven and a half hours using a screen each day explains why children are becoming decreasingly active. At least while school is in session children have recess or physical education. When summer break starts, however, many children choose to spend their time indoors and on their screens.
    One way to get your child physically active is to find a summer camp that he or she would enjoy. By sending your child to a summer camp, especially one that emphasizes physical activity, your child is much less likely to waste their summer starting at a Continue Reading

    From Beach Camps to Drama Camps, Here Are Some Summer Camp Ideas for Your Kids

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    Every summer, most children are on break from school — sometimes for as much as nearly three months. This down time is great for helping them recharge and prepare for the next school year, but it can also promote inactivity if parents aren’t around to supervise. On average, children today spend more than seven and a half hours per day in front of a screen, for TV, video games, or using the internet. Even more shocking is that just one in three children, on average are physically active on a daily basis. Before they know it, an entire summer has gone by and largely been spent on the couch.

    However, there are ways that parents can get their children more physically active during the summer — and help them have fun or learn something new, too. Continue Reading

    Batter Up Tips For Giving Custom Softball Gifts This Summer

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    It may be hard to believe, but winter is almost over. After a particularly severe winter that included record-breaking single and subzero temperatures, deadly ice and snow storms, and nasty cold and flu season, everyone is ready for warmer, sunny weather. And with warmer, sunnier weather comes softball.

    There’s no better way to build on the anticipation and excitement for the upcoming softball season than to give custom softball gifts such as softball wall decals, softball jewelry, softball tees, and more. Not only do custom gifts make great sports gifts, they’re also the perfect way to share your passion and love for sports with the others.

    If you’re struggling to come up with custo Continue Reading