From Beach Camps to Drama Camps, Here Are Some Summer Camp Ideas for Your Kids

Many people have positive memories of summer camp from when they were children. They also want to send their children to summer camp, so that their children can have the same types of memories. This might be a very good idea, particularly if your children are the social type. There are many different options when it comes to sending your child to summer camp, and you might be interested in them for various reasons. Perhaps you just need to go to work and need someone who is going to be able to look after your child, or perhaps you want your child to have an enriching experience.

If you are interested in sending your child to summer camp, there are many summer camps that might be options for you and your child. For example, there are all-day summer camps, as well as other types of day camp summer days can be affected by. If you have very young children, you might be interested in a Pre K camp. In some cases, you might want your children to get an educational experience out of summer camp, and you might be interested in a science sleepaway camp. There are also science camps that will only have your children during the day and make learning fun during this time.

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Every summer, most children are on break from school — sometimes for as much as nearly three months. This down time is great for helping them recharge and prepare for the next school year, but it can also promote inactivity if parents aren’t around to supervise. On average, children today spend more than seven and a half hours per day in front of a screen, for TV, video games, or using the internet. Even more shocking is that just one in three children, on average are physically active on a daily basis. Before they know it, an entire summer has gone by and largely been spent on the couch.

However, there are ways that parents can get their children more physically active during the summer — and help them have fun or learn something new, too. Summer camps are a fantastic option for kids of all ages, and they can range from daytime activities only to overnight stays in beautiful locations.

While many summer kids camps are set in the woods or near lakes, there are plenty of different types of camps out there that children can enjoy. Here are just three exciting types of summer camps that kids can help kids grow, learn, and have fun:

  • Beach Camps: For many children, summer time means fun in the sun, and that means heading to the beach. To let kids get the most out of the weather and sunny location, there are beach camps around the nation and along the coast that can do just that. Beach camps let kids swim, canoe, play beach volleyball, and participate in other group activities that will make summer memorable. Learning to swim at the beach can also help children throughout their lives: kids who participate in swimming lessons reduce the risk of drowning by as much as 88% for kids between one and four, and even older kids can learn valuable safety lessons in the water, too.
  • Sports Camps: Children who have an interest in sports might enjoy going to a summer camp centered around these activities. Sports camps are popular for kids who like to do everything from play football to learn about running, swimming, or hiking. Camps that focus on sports and other activities help children learn about kids fitness and kids nutrition, too, so they can make healthy choices as they get older.
  • Drama Camps: Parents who want their children to get an educational experience in addition to having fun might consider sending their kids to a camp centered around a particular subject, like drama. Drama camps are a summertime staple because they let kids learn about theater, get experience performing drama and musicals, and help kids boost their confidence. Like other types of summer camps, these spots also feature plenty of outdoor activities, as well, to keep kids active.

Which type of summer camp do you think your child would enjoy? Tell us in the comments.

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