Looking to Relax After a Workout? Try These Three Types of Spa Treatments to Benefit Your Fitness Routine

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    When you hear the word “spa,” what images come to mind? Many people might picture a luxury spa with plush white towels, a trickling stone fountain, and a gentle massage after a long, stressful day. Others may think of the various membership services and perks that come with joining a racquet and tennis club or other fitness center. If you thought of both of these images, you would be correct. In fact, many types of spa treatments are available at sport and health clubs, and they go hand-in-hand with a regular workout routine.

    If you’re wondering how a spa treatment could actually aid your workout, che Continue Reading

    5 Ways to Be Prepared for Your Alaskan Fishing Trip

    Fishing trip checklist

    Fishing trips in Alaska are a wonderful opportunity to explore the great outdoors and really get an understanding of just how big and wild the world is. If you’re headed to Alaska, you’ve probably already settled on heading to the Kenai River area.

    About the Kenai River Area: This is the most popular sport fishing destination in the state of Alaska and offers a variety of fish species to fish for. Salmon fishing tours are a popular activity, yet along with the fish, the area is home to other wildlife; moose, bears, and birds.

    In the spring, Beluga whales have even been spotted six miles upstream to feed on fish. Nearly 72% of early-run fish spawn in tributary streams, with pe Continue Reading

    Plan the Perfect Alaskan Fishing Trip Head to Kenai River

    Soldotna fishing lodges

    The giant king salmon, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha, is the state fish of Alaska, attracting fisherman from around the world interested in testing their skill and luck in Alaska’s rivers. As a result, the state offers the discerning fisherman a variety of options to plan the perfect Alaska fishing vacation. However, if you are looking for the best salmon fishing in Alaska, there is no place better than the Kenai River, which offers a number of fishing trips and guided tours, giving you ample opportunities to experience the joys of king salmon fishing.

    The Kenai River area is a beautiful destination, home to a variety of wildlife, including moose, bears, and multiple species of birds. In the spring, Beluga Continue Reading

    Talking About Tomahawks An Introductory In The World Of Tactical Tomahawks

    Hand forged tactical tomahawks

    Whether you’re a weekend warrior, an avid outdoorsmen, a doomsday “prepper”, or an active-duty solider, there is a hand forged tomahawk out there for you. Though most people are familiar with combat tomahawks used as weapons, tomahawk axes are in fact versatile, multipurpose tools. This leaves many people to wonder where to buy tomahawks, as they continue to increase in popularity.

    A tomahawk, or simply known as a hawk, is type of axe designed by North American Native Americans and later used by European colonials. In fact, the very word tomahawk first came into the English language from the Powhatan word tamahaac, which was derived from the Proto-Algonquian root *temah- ‘to cut off by tool.

    Both old and modern tomahawks resemble hatchets in design, with both having a Continue Reading

    Tips for Cleaning Hardwood, Tiled, and Rubber Floors

    Rubber cleaning

    Did you know that the U.S. floor cleaning industry is worth $4 billion in revenue each year? It’s not surprising, really, considering the various things that get dumped on American floors.

    There are many reasons why people might avoid their housework. As Ruby Lou Barnhill once said, “A bright person can always think of something better to do than housework.” That’s one rotten thing about floors: no matter how often you clean them, the work is like a revolving door: they always get dirty again.

    Sometimes, it’s a good idea to know tricks of the trade for floor cleaning so that if and when you encounter a messy spill or stain, you’ll know what to do. Here are three tips you should keep in mind.

    1. Cleaning a Hardwood Floor

    Every week, you should be vacuuming or sweeping your Continue Reading

    Three Floor Cleaning Tips Even the King of Pop Could Follow

    Cleaning rubber

    Michael Jackson may be dead, but his legend lives on — and not always in a good way. One of Neverland’s former maids says that Jackson was one of the filthiest homeowners she ever worked for. The woman, who has only been identified as “Maid No. 1,” told The New York Post that Jackson would run around with his animals and not think twice about getting their fecal matter on his feet, and then tracking that throughout the house.

    A woman known as “Maid No. 2” remembers scrubbing everything before a visit from Oprah Winfrey. Directly after she left, Jackson peed on the floor of the entryway. Maid No. 2 claims Jackson possessed a soiled baby’s diaper. Of course, it’s easy to make these claims now that Jackson is dead, and newspapers will pay handsomely for stories that continue to draw in readers.
    Continue Reading

    How Can You Have a Cleaner Fitness Center? Three Tips

    Rubber playground tiles

    There are an estimated 30,500 gyms and fitness centers now open across the U.S., and the gym industry has been steadily growing over the past few years as more and more people see going to the gym as a valuable option to have. As of 2013, about 58 million Americans were accessing gyms and fitness centers.

    It’s a profitable, $22 billion industry to be a part of, and you may have recently opened your own gym. One problem you might encounter is the issue of hygiene. Good hygiene and cleanliness in a gym is very important — people will leave gyms that seem dirty and old.

    How can you keep your fitness center in tip-top shape? Here are three things you should keep in mind.

    1. Establish a Strong Policy

    Create a checklist of everything that needs to be cleaned, and establ Continue Reading

    Sports Picks for Bettors Who Want To Win Big

    Sports handicappers free picks

    Do you love sports and gambling? There are many people who do. In fact, studies have shown that this is the most common type of gambling among people aged 14 to 22, and that a quarter of all men bet on sports every month. So what does this mean for you? There are a few things you should keep in mind to get the best results.

    The Gaming Industry

    The first thing you need to do is understand gaming. Every state but Utah has laws that allow for some type of gambling, which has led to this becoming a $600 billion industry. While sports betting makes up 13% of all gambling around the world, it is actually only legal in the state of Nevada, as it is regulated, taxed and policed. While this may seem like it is more complicated, it is actually safer for you to gamble on sports this way. In fact, legal s Continue Reading

    Interested in Bike Fitness? Here’s How to Stay Safe!

    Bike racks

    It’s no secret that bicycling is great for your health. Biking instead of driving to work can burn an extra 3,000 calories a month, and a 135-pound woman biking at 12-14 miles an hour burns 488 calories in only 60 minutes.

    Biking isn’t just great for weight loss. Even three hours of rigorous biking a week can decrease your risk of heart disease by 50%, and biking has been shown to strengthen your immune system, protect against certain cancers, and improve your mental health. In fact, cycling regularly is even strongly believed to increase your life-span.

    But these benefits won’t help you if you’re not cycling with safety-conscious techniques and bike components.. Most people can cycle without problems, but it’s always a good idea to consult your doctor before incorporating any major activity into a fitne Continue Reading

    Best Sports Picks

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