Baseball Bat Shaving and Rolling Done Right

A number of popular sports are distinct because of the gear used to play them, such as hockey sticks and masks, tennis racquets, and golf balls and clubs. Meanwhile, softball and baseball are hugely popular in North America and Japan, and these sports are known for using wooden and metal bats, small balls, and leather catcher’s gloves, in addition to uniforms for professional games. Amateur and professional players alike will need the best softball and baseball bats for a good game, and can find them at local sports goods retailers and online. Any baseball bat or softball bat off the shelf is ready for a game, but some players want doctored bats for practice or for casual games. This is why softball bat shaving and rolling is done; to enhance a bat’s performance. Rolled bats for sale can be found online from secondary sellers, and the same is true of shaved bats as well. How is softball bat shaving and rolling done, though?

Shaving Wooden Bats

When it comes to softball bat shaving and rolling, the rolling process is used for wooden bats in particular, and shaving is done for metal bats. By tradition, wooden baseball and softball bats are made of ash wood, and a fresh wooden bat needs to be broken in. That is, as it is used, a wooden bat’s natural fibers will bend and break from the pressure of striking balls, and this is a good thing. After some time, a wooden bat will be fully broken in and become more flexible, allowing it to strike balls further than a fresh bat can. It takes time to do this, and a player may have some prized broken-in bats in their collection. But they can artificially speed up the process via rolling.

Local softball bat shaving and rolling companies can help, and a customer may bring a fresh wooden bat to a local company and ask for it to be rolled. This means passing the bat through a series of pressurized rollers that bend the bat’s fibers, mimicking the process of playing baseball games in a short period of time. Care should be taken, though, so the bat is not damaged or broken this way. The end result is a bat that performs like a fully broken-in bat, and this is a fine option for playing casual games where high performance is desired and league rules are not enforced. Also, serious players can use rolled baseball bats during practice sessions, so they don’t have to risk damaging their prized wooden bats. Rolled bats may also be found for sale online from private and secondary sellers.

Take note: rolled wooden bats are not allowed at sanctioned or official games, and they are easily spotted on sight by professionals anyway. Players are urged to only use them for casual games and practice sessions.

Metal Bat Shaving

Meanwhile, many sports retailers also sell metal baseball bats, and these too can be doctored at softball bat shaving and rolling services. Such metal bats are not solid; they are hollow inside, and have soft padding that helps reinforce them and keep them together while being used. This means that metal bats do not have any natural wooden fibers to bend or break during a game to break them in, but they can have their interior padding shaved to modify their performance.

Shaved metal bats can be found online, and the owner of a metal bat can take it to local softball bat shaving and rolling services for work. The metal bat’s end cap is removed to expose the interior, and that bat is placed on a lathe table, so a rotating grinder can scrape off a few ounces of the bat’s inner padding. The cap is then put back, and the doctored bat is ready for use. Shaving the padding makes these bats more flexible and allows them to send balls further, but if too much padding is shaved, the bat may shatter during use, so care must be taken. For the same reason, no padding should be shaved at all from the handle. Shaved bats are not allowed at sanctioned games, and should not be used in temperatures below 65 degrees Fahrenheit.


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