Three Ways to Effectively Learn to Play Soccer

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    Getting good at any hobby takes serious dedication and practice. This can be what separates the greats from the average. The game of soccer is by far no exception.

    So what can you do to get a step ahead and learn to play soccer to your full potential? Here are a few steps to consider:

    1. Exercise: This may seem obvious for any sport, but the conditioning required to play soccer at a competitive level is extremely important. The game involves running, walking, sprinting, and jumping for up to 90 minutes. Rushing up and down the field alone can accumulate up to five to seven miles of traveling per game.

      In order to ensure your stamina is prepared for that type of rigorous activity, you can keep up with your own cardio exercises outside of soccer training. Be it jogg Continue Reading

    Organized Sports Can Have a Positive Impact on Students’ Organizational Skills, Experts Say

    How to learn soccer

    When the school year starts, many youth soccer leagues across the country begin to organize game schedules and youth soccer tournaments. With hundreds of millions of soccer players around the world, summer soccer camp can be a solid lead-in to fall soccer training drills for kids and adults alike. Each summer, more than 10 million soccer players sign up for summer soccer camp; many coaches view fall as the time to drill players on skills like strength, footwork, and speed.

    Although soccer is often eclipsed by more popular sports like football, baseball, and Continue Reading

    Yes, You Can Go River Rafting

    Colorado river raft trips

    Have you ever dreamed of taking a raft down a roaring river? If the very thought makes you uncomfortable, you should know that rafting trips are actually perfectly safe for beginners, even those who do not know how to swim. With a little confidence and knowledge, you could join the 28% of Americans who like to take to the rivers for fun.

    A raft can hold between four to eight people. This makes it a great activity for adventurous couples or families looking to enliven the typical family vacation. Rafting can give children a sense of accomplishment, and makes the whole family work together as a unit. That is something every parent can appreciate.

    Though rafting works great at making familie Continue Reading

    Archery Equipment for Beginners — A Basic Guide

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    There’s been a lot of hooplah in the news lately about how Americans aren’t getting enough time away from their computer screens and out of doors. While this no doubt has some truth to it in our post-internet age, the fact is that outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and hunting are as popular as ever. In fact, nearly 40 million people went hiking last year alone, and camping popularity is up by 3 million!

    In honor of this uptick in outdoor enthusiasm, we like to feature an unorthodox activity from time to time and give advice on how to get started. You probably already have a good handle on hiking gear, and camping gear is available on every corner. But what about the more niche hobbies — scuba diving Continue Reading

    Four Adventures That Will Make You Stop Existing and Start Living

    Scuba gear

    The great playwright, Oscar Wilde, once said, “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist.” Truer words have probably never been uttered. Most of us spend the majority of our existence just existing. We wake up early and spend most of our conscious hours at a job we tolerate (at best), and then go home and turn our brains off in front of the TV until we go to sleep. Rinse and repeat.

    What if we started living? What if we made our wildest dreams a reality? There are a hundred and fifty reasons why you don’t have time or money to have a great adventure, but in 20 years those reasons won’t matter anymore. Meanwhile, the memories of your adventures will linger forever.

    The time to start living is now. Get out a pen and paper and make a list of adventures you want to have, and then st Continue Reading

    How to Make the Fishing Buff in Your Life’s Christmas Perfect


    Some people enjoy a relaxing fishing trip in their free time. And then you have anglers. Anglers live for the moment that their rod gets that tug indicating that something has taken the bait and dinner is served. If there is an angler in your life, you know that you don’t have to ask them for their Christmas list. You know that they want Santa to put new fancy gear under the Christmas tree with a bow and their name on it. If you have used up all your fishing gear ideas throughout all of the other holidays this year and now aren’t sure what to get your fishing buff for Christmas, take our suggestion and treat the angler in your life to a one of the fancy new fishing coolers on the market these days.
    Normal people might not know the difference, but a person who is serious about the rod and reel cannot simply Continue Reading

    How Summer Camps Help Kids Stay In Shape

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    It is a well-known fact that many American children struggle with weight and diet-related issues. Children spend nearly 8 hours a day in front of a screen, including television, video games, tablets, computers, and smartphones. Although many parents mean well, many parents also tend to work full-time jobs which can get in the way of proper nutrition and exercise routines. For those busy parents looking for a healthy daycare alternative, there are kids camps designed with health in mind.

    A Balanced Diet and Exercise

    Studies show that only one out of every three children are physically active each day. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends at least an hour of exercise per day for both children and adolescents. Many children do not have a near Continue Reading

    Our Apologies to Baseball, But Data Proves Camping is America’s Fave Pastime

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    Americans don’t just like the Great Outdoors; Americans LOVE the Great Outdoors. Not only did the U.S. of A. pioneer the concept of a national park system, but those national parks are some of the modern natural wonders of the world.

    From the volcanoes of Hawaii to the icy glaciers of Alaska. From the sweeping vistas of the Grand Canyon to the wind-swept Great Plains. From the mighty Appalachian Trail to the famous Florida Everglades. Precious few Americans realize that our United States feature the most diverse landscape, geography, and climate of any other country on the planet. So it’s no wonder Americans love to spend time camping in the Great Outdoors. But just how much do Americans love to camp?

    Let’s break down the numbers:

    Tips for Getting the Best In Ground Pool

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    People love having their own pool. In the United States there are 10.4 million residential pools. In terms of what exercises are the most popular, walking is number one, working out with equipment comes in at number two and swimming is the third most popular. More and more Americans are having pools and spas installed at their homes.

    Getting the best in ground pool.

    1. Select the pool design you like the best. In ground pools come in a lot of shapes and sizes. Custom pool builders typically use concrete, vinyl-lined and fiberglass. Concrete pools and spas are the most customizable, be made into just about any shape you want and take the longest amount of time to ins Continue Reading

    Are You Ready to Install a Custom Designed Pool in Your Backyard?

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    How much time does your family spend together? Are you happy with the amount of time you get to spend with your children? Today’s families are busy, and time together is often at a premium. If you are looking for a new option to get your family to spend more hours together during your busy week, a pool design that is specifically created for your space may be just the answer.
    Especially if you live in a part of the country that is warmer, a backyard pool is a worthwhile investment that can provide a gathering place for your family and friends. Currently, there are 10.4 million residential and 309,000 public swimming pools in America. The obvious advantage of having a pool at your own home is that you can have unlimited use of a great recreational opportunity any time you want. Since 36% of children ages 7-1 Continue Reading

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