Installation Tips for Synthetic Grass

If your family plays a lot of sports or is frequently spending time outside, then synthetic grass installation is worth considering. Not sure how synthetic grass installation works? In this article, we’ll walk you through some of the key steps in this process.

First, you’ll need to grab your measurements. You’ll want to measure the length of your yard and the width of your yard.

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Once you have those measurements in hand, multiply them together. This calculation will help you determine how much turf you need to cover the entirety of your lawn. Make sure you’re being as precise as possible with these measurements. There’s no need to spend money on turf you don’t end up using.

Another key step is preparation. Preparing your yard for synthetic turf is relatively simple. If you’re placing the turf over old grass, make sure you remove all of that. This process includes the roots! It’s also important to excavate down about four inches. This will ensure your turf lays beautifully across your lawn.

After everything is prepped, your installation professional will come to cut and lay down the turf you’ve purchased. Don’t attempt to DIY this process when a professional could help you with much less hassle.

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