What is a Fish Attractor?

    Safe haven mini attractor

    Over the past few years, many communities have begun using artificial fish habitat structures to help restore local marine environments and boost local fish populations. Ranging from former oil rigs to specially-built fish attractors, these artificial reefs are extremely effective at concentrating fish. Because of this, many fisherman likely want to try them in their local waterways. However, there are a number of things you should know before you attempt to install this tool. Read on to make sure you are properly informed.

    What is a Fish Attractor?
    A fish attractor is an object used to mimic natural underwater environments Continue Reading

    Studies Show Fish Need Variety and Enjoyment to Thrive

    Fish structure

    If you are a looking to build a fishing habitat that will promote healthy, successful fish, you may find yourself asking some odd questions about your task. “What do fish really want?” you may wonder. “What do I need to provide local species to help them be successful?” Unfortunately, there is little information available on how to build a pond for happy fish. However, thanks to a number of research projects, that may soon change: increasingly, scientists around the world are taking an interest in the mental stimulation fish need to help them thrive.

    While most people likely believe fish are creatures that lack intelligence and memory, among other things, research shows that fish are much smarter and more complex than we have originally assumed. Scientists have demonstrated that fish make friends, for Continue Reading