What is a Fish Attractor?

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Over the past few years, many communities have begun using artificial fish habitat structures to help restore local marine environments and boost local fish populations. Ranging from former oil rigs to specially-built fish attractors, these artificial reefs are extremely effective at concentrating fish. Because of this, many fisherman likely want to try them in their local waterways. However, there are a number of things you should know before you attempt to install this tool. Read on to make sure you are properly informed.

What is a Fish Attractor?
A fish attractor is an object used to mimic natural underwater environments. In order to survive, fish rely on plants and rocks to provide cover, attract crustaceans and insects they can eat, and create spawning grounds. Unfortunately, due to natural disasters, human intervention and other causes, these elements are gradually disappearing. As a result, it is not only more difficult for fish to thrive, but fisherman are no longer able to identify areas where fish are likely to be found. Fish attractors are therefore used as a tool to help both the environment and local fishing industries.

What Can Be Used as a Fish Attractor?
A number of objects can be used as fish attractors. In freshwater environments, however, the best choices are often trees, such as used Christmas trees, and professionally-made structures. It is also possible to make fish attractors about of wooden boards, used tires and even old cars, but these projects can take a significant amount of work to get the structure ready for safe use and also place it properly to avoid damaging the body of water.

How Do You Use Fish Attractors?
If you are using fish attractors in a privately-owned body of water, such as a pond on your property, you can contact a company that makes fish attractors or place a tree in a certain spot, making sure to ground it properly with cinder blocks or concrete. However, if you are considering using a fish attractor in a public body of water, such as a lake, you are required to seek official approval. Research your local laws to find out about licensing requirements and other stipulations.

Are you interested in using a fish attractor? Find out more by contacting an expert on the subject who will be able answer all of your questions, from “what is a fish attractor?” to “which fish attractor is right for my area?”

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