Boating to a Better Pace of Life


    Sometimes we just need to get away from the crazy busy lives we live. Getting away can mean something different for everyone. It could be a resort spa, a weekend at the beach, a shopping trip, or getting out of the city and into the great outdoors for some hiking, camping, and maybe some boating and fishing as well. While a fishing trip may not be for everyone, for those who would gladly partake in such an adventure, it could prove to be exciting, adventurous, and everything in between, depending on what each person is looking to get out of it, and that is the beauty of it!

    Boating away from the busy life

    If you have never considered boating or fishing as a getaway or even a regular pastime, it may be time to entertain the thought. It is quite popular, with over 16.8 million bo Continue Reading

    3 Tips to the Best Camping Trip Ever


    Camping is one of the cheapest and most fun things you can do throughout the summer to get family or friends together. It’s an opportunity to disconnect from the business of everyone’s lives and just focus on each other for a few days. Camping is a favorite among families because it’s a cheaper way to get the kids out and learning. While the average American vacation costs about $1,415, camping generally costs about $380. Here are just a few tips to ensure the trip stays fun and safe for everyone involved.

    Be Prepared

    Camping is definitely more fun when you have all of the things that you need. Whether you’re staying in a Continue Reading