3 Tips to the Best Camping Trip Ever


Camping is one of the cheapest and most fun things you can do throughout the summer to get family or friends together. It’s an opportunity to disconnect from the business of everyone’s lives and just focus on each other for a few days. Camping is a favorite among families because it’s a cheaper way to get the kids out and learning. While the average American vacation costs about $1,415, camping generally costs about $380. Here are just a few tips to ensure the trip stays fun and safe for everyone involved.

Be Prepared

Camping is definitely more fun when you have all of the things that you need. Whether you’re staying in a tent or in a cabin, you’ll likely want to bring bedding for each person. You’ll also want clothes, flashlights, hygiene products, food, water, and maybe backpacks if you plan on hiking anywhere. Make a checklist before you leave and double check everything!

Be Safe

Camping can be dangerous if you’re not careful. Make sure that you bring a first aid kit stocked with band aids, ointments, a wrap, and any medications you may need to take throughout your trip. Keep it somewhere that everyone knows and can easily get to. You should also make sure that your food is stored properly. A bear’s sense of smell is seven times more powerful than a dog’s, and they can easily detect odors from your campsite from a mile away. This definitely justifies investing in a bear-proof container in order to store food or drinks in on your trip.

Keep Active

The most important thing about camping is having fun! Get out there and swim, hike, fish, hunt, have a campfire, etc. Camping trips can provide some of the best memories, so stay active and have a great time out there!

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