How to Make the Fishing Buff in Your Life’s Christmas Perfect


    Some people enjoy a relaxing fishing trip in their free time. And then you have anglers. Anglers live for the moment that their rod gets that tug indicating that something has taken the bait and dinner is served. If there is an angler in your life, you know that you don’t have to ask them for their Christmas list. You know that they want Santa to put new fancy gear under the Christmas tree with a bow and their name on it. If you have used up all your fishing gear ideas throughout all of the other holidays this year and now aren’t sure what to get your fishing buff for Christmas, take our suggestion and treat the angler in your life to a one of the fancy new fishing coolers on the market these days.
    Normal people might not know the difference, but a person who is serious about the rod and reel cannot simply Continue Reading

    The Top 4 Coolers Any Outdoorsman Should Look Into


    Coolers are an essential part of any reasonably long outdoor adventure. Whether you?re going to the beach, on a fishing trip, or even hunting, at least one cooler is always necessary. Not only for the for the food you?re bringing along for yourself, but in the cases of hunting and fishing trips, what you?re bringing back. But it?s not as simple as going to a convenience store and picking up the cheapest product. You need to have a product that?s not only durable, but capable of concealing contents that could attract potentially dangerous animals. So: what should you look for in a cooler?

    1. Durability

    With over 38 million Americans hunting and fishing, it?s no surprise that coolers are often used to transport the bounties of hunting and fishing trips. In fact, hunters Continue Reading