The Top 4 Coolers Any Outdoorsman Should Look Into


Coolers are an essential part of any reasonably long outdoor adventure. Whether you?re going to the beach, on a fishing trip, or even hunting, at least one cooler is always necessary. Not only for the for the food you?re bringing along for yourself, but in the cases of hunting and fishing trips, what you?re bringing back. But it?s not as simple as going to a convenience store and picking up the cheapest product. You need to have a product that?s not only durable, but capable of concealing contents that could attract potentially dangerous animals. So: what should you look for in a cooler?

1. Durability

With over 38 million Americans hunting and fishing, it?s no surprise that coolers are often used to transport the bounties of hunting and fishing trips. In fact, hunters and fishermen usually bring multiple coolers, as these trips often last at least an entire day, if not several days. Many hunting and fishing sites are within reach of dangerous predators like bears, and if left at the campsite for any amount of time these coolers can easily be tampered with by these animals. In this case, it?s important to invest in a ?bear-proof? hunting cooler ? bear-proof products are typically capable of surviving at least 60 minutes of contact with a bear. That way, the contents may still be safe once the cooler is recovered.

2. Disguised Coolers

Another issue with coolers is that what they contain can become very dangerous to those carrying them. This is because, without the proper cooler, bears can smell what?s within, and may attack. With bears having a sense of smell 7 times keener than a dog?s, it?s impossible to be completely sure that your cooler is out of scent?s reach. But a good bear-proof is harder for them to detect. A camo cooler, if in a grassy or woodsy area, may also be harder for bears to see with their weak eyesight. Camo cooles are also excellent for hunting trips in that they?re more difficult for prey animals to see.

3. Marine Coolers

What the camo cooler is to hunting, marine coolers are to fishing. Marine coolers are able to sustain a lot of potential water damage without sacrificing the contents within. They can be taken out in a potentially waterlogged boat without concern, and fished out of a river without concern of permanent damage, taking at least one concern off of a fisherman?s mind.

4. Backpack Coolers

Backpack coolers are ideal for any hiker, functioning as a part of a backpack or like a backpack, depending on which type you opt for. The backpack cooler allows a hiker to distribute weight more evenly, and carry supplies they wouldn?t have been able to take with them in a normal backpack, all without extra material to worry about.

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