Fun Outdoor Vacation Ideas That the Whole Family Will Love

Fishing cabin decor

These days, it can seem impossible to get your family off the couch and active. As we all know, nothing gets the family up and moving like a good old fashioned weekend getaway. Here are a few outdoors-y family vacations for the family who needs a little time to unplug.

Fishing Lodge

Are you a fan of fishing? Why not involve the whole family by bringing them to a cozy fishing vacation cabin! While fishing trips may cause some young kids to groan, modern fishing trip packages have activities that can get the whole family involved. Your family will be located right on a river, surrounded by serene nature. Think of the smile on your child?s face as they proudly hold up their first catch on their very first fishing trip.

Ski Trip

If you have a large family, consider taking your group to a ski lodge. Skiing is an activity that all members of the family can enjoy, from children to teenagers to adults. Ski lodges have activities for skiers of every level, so the whole family can join in on the fun. If you?re tired of skiing, you can always play in the snow or go on a nature hike! And once your day on the slopes is over, you can all curl up together by the fire and enjoy the simplicity of cabin life.

Out On the Water

Sailing a boat takes a whole crew, so let your family set off to the open water with a sailing themed vacations. During a sailing getaway, you and your family can work together to learn all about how to drive a sailboat. Once you?ve gotten the basics down, you and your family are free to enjoy the water. Working together will bring you closer as a family, and helps foster good memories that will last a lifetime.
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