3 Reasons to Consider Owning a Triton Boat

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There is no doubt that many people love owning a boat. In fact, statistics gathered from 2016 found that there were nearly 11.86 million registered recreation boats throughout the United States. Whether you’re looking at new or used boats for sale, you’ll tend to find that there are many options available. Considering that, you might find it beneficial to learn more about Triton boats. Founded in 1996, this company has been providing consumers with quality boats since they first went into business. It’s understandable to wonder why so many prefer to take to the water in Triton boats. Considering that, here are three reasons to consider owning a Triton boat of your own.

  1. Built Using Unibody Construction

    A design choice that sets apart fine automobiles from many others is that they are made from a method known as unibody construction. This unique construction method enables a Triton boat to move as a single unit, rather than a series of individual pieces. In turn, unibody construction provides immense control and strength while reducing the overall weight of a boat. Many boat owners wanting superior strength opt to find Triton boats due to their unique unibody design.
  2. Wider Than Normal Transom

    When finding a boat, it’s important to consider transom width. Unfortunately, certain boats have a narrow transom that inhibits their abilities to absorb stress. On the other hand, boats with wider transoms are able to more effectively absorb stress while in use. Considering that, all Triton boats are made to have an extremely wide transom. This means that the wider transom of a Triton boat is likely to effectively distribute large amounts of weight and stress.
  3. Designed to Superior Flotation Standards

    One of the most popular activities that the public enjoys while on their boat is fishing. In fact, statistics gathered from 2016 found that fishing was the second most popular activity taking place throughout the United States. In order for a boat to be offered to the public to enjoy, it must meet a certain set of standards. With that in mind, the Triton company is certainly proud of their results while these tests were administered. Triton Boats maintains that it not only meets flotation standards, it exceeds them. This company employs engineers tasked with performing a wide series of test for each boat that Triton Boats creates. These tests are performed to ensure that each boat is thoroughly foamed to provide superior flotation.

To summarize, there is a wide range of both new and used boats available. That being said, you’ll definitely want to consider the benefits of owning a Triton boat. These boats are made with the use of a unique construction style. The unibody construction methods used by Triton Boats enables their products to have superior control. In addition, these boats feature wide transoms and are thoroughly filled with foam in order to exceed flotation standards. If you’re interested in owning a Triton boat, it’s wise to speak with a company offering boats for sale. Speaking with an employee from one of these companies can help ensure you find the right type of Triton boat.

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