3 Simple Ways to Make Pools More Energy Efficient

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Between pool heaters, pool lighting systems, and all the other pool products homeowners’ swimming areas may have, pool can consume quite a bit of energy. This not only leads to a higher bill, but is also bad for the environment.

Luckily, there are some ways to make pools more energy efficient. Here are just a few of the simplest tricks.

Put a Cover On. One of the easiest to make a pool more energy efficient is to put a cover on it. This reduces evaporation, which is one of the biggest ways pools suck energy. After all, if the filter and heater have already used a ton of energy preparing the water to be swam in, only for it to evaporate away, the energy used to prepare it is going to waste.

Get a More Energy Efficient Pump. If you use a smaller, more energy efficient pool pump, you’ll save as much as 45% of the energy you were using before. Pumps that have been designed to be energy efficient are even better, too. This is particularly important, in that it helps reduce the work of the filter by keeping the water clean through circulation.

Make Sure Maintenance Is Done. One of the easiest ways to make sure a pool is energy efficient is to do regular maintenance on it. If the filter is clogged up with leaves and debris, it’s obviously going to use more energy. Keeping the sides of the pool clean will also help the filtration system out, too.

Making your pool more energy efficient isn’t hard. You just have to make sure you keep a cover on it, make sure the pump is working efficiently, and make sure the pool itself is maintained. If you take these steps, you’ll quickly see your energy bill go down.

If you have any questions about making pools more energy efficient, feel free to share in the comments.

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