3 Tips for Maintaing Ski Equipment

Ski equipment

Skiing can be both a fun trip for the family, as well as an exciting escape from the craziness of everyday life. But to get the most out of it, as well as ensure your safety, it’s important to find the right ski equipment for you and maintain it so it remains reliable and long-lasting.

The proper ski gear includes a number of different pieces, including everything from the helmet, bindings, ski jackets, and of course the skis themselves. So how do you keep all of this gear strong and reliable? Here are a just a few tips to keep you skiing for many winters to come:

  1. Helmets: This may be the most important piece of ski equipment to maintain. Head injuries can have serious consequences. Ski Helmets can actually reduce head injuries from anywhere between 30% to 50%.

    While the plastic shell covering the inside padding of a ski helmet is very strong, storing it in areas that build up moisture and may in turn freeze and expand any existing water could compromise its structural integrity. This could be the deciding factor between a serious or minor injury.
  2. Goggles: Ski goggles are not only important for preventing pieces of ice from striking your eyes, but also to remove the possibility of snow blocking your vision, potentially leading to crashes or collisions with other skiers. In order to ensure that your vision remains clear on the mountain, it’s important to protect them from any large scratches when stored. Keeping them in a soft, protected sack when not being used should help a pair of goggles last two to three seasons.
  3. Skis: Obviously the actual skis play the biggest factor in your skiing experience. If they do not have enough traction or even too much, it’s far more difficult to control your speed and direction. Edge sharpening is the best method in ensuring direction control. The ability to cut the snow is the only reliable way to turn with control. Hot waxing will in turn keep the skis in proper shape for longer periods of time, especially through heavy use.

Maintaining ski equipment and ski accessories has an enormous impact on the experience. The best way to enjoy this winter sport is to feel safe.

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