5 Unusual Vacation Ideas for 2016

River raft trips

If you are one of the 77% of American who find outdoor recreation to be an important part of your livelihood, you are most likely looking for new ways to enjoy your time outside. While vacations are meant to be relaxing, that doesn’t mean they have to be lazy or mundane. Check out these unique vacation ideas to create long-lasting memories with your family:

Your Backyard: All you need blankets, pillows and a tent (or a makeshift tent) to enjoy everything your backyard has to offer. Since you don’t need additional sleeping accommodations, you can enjoy a brief vacation for no money at all. While it won’t provide you with exciting, never-before-seen scenery, it will allow quality family time away from the digital technology that has overrun our everyday existence. If you’re feeling especially old-school, you can enforce a “no technology” rule. Dragging kids away from their cellphones and into the lantern light will help create memories that won’t soon be forgotten.

White Water Rafting: The Grand Canyon was named ‘Kaibab’ by the Paiute Native American tribe, which translates to “mountain lying down”. This beautiful name is a perfect reflection of the views to be seen here. Estimated to be about 5 million years old, the Grand Canyon is home to the Colorado River. With such a powerful river running through its veins, Grand Canyon white water rafting tours are a favorite among Arizona vacationers. River raft trips offer a decent amount of exercise with an abundance of natural scenery. Rafters can enjoy the winding canyons and pale blue sky while navigating the swift waters.

Stargazing in the Desert: While the desert may not seem like an ideal place to spend a relaxing vacation, it offers views that are unparalleled. Without a shed of artificial light to compete against the stars, the desert boasts a pure view of the night sky. Picture this: you’re cuddled under a blanket with your favorite person, staring at the bounty of stars while listening to coyotes howl in the distance. It’s certainly unconventional but worth a try.

Have you participated in river raft trips before? Would you contemplate visiting the desert to look at stars? Sound off in the comments below!

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