Alaska Makes a Great Vacation Destination

When it comes to travel, most people in the U.S. stay within the 50 states. Domestic travel is strong and is on the rise, with trips rising to nearly 2.25 billion in 2017, up nearly 2% from the previous year. Domestic travel does not mean you have to stay in the lower 48 states, however. In fact, Alaska can be the perfect summer vacation destination. Here are some of the benefits you will see if you take an Alaskan vacation.

One of the main benefits of hitting Alaska during the summer is the weather. You can escape the heat of the lower 48 states and enjoy weather that includes daytime highs in the 70s in most places, with cool nighttime lows in the 40s and 50s. That’s warm enough for shorts and short-sleeved shirts during the day and cool enough for jackets and jeans in the evenings and early mornings.

Another big benefit of visiting Alaska during the summer is the tremendous amount of sunlight. The farther north you get, the more sunlight there is. While Juneau in southern Alaska gets about 18 hours of sunlight during the summer, Fairbanks gets 22 hours and communities in the far north have pretty much 24-hour sunlight. If you want to experience conditions like that, you won’t find them in the lower 48.

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of visiting Alaska is the tremendous variety of things to do. Many people like to visit the state to do outdoorsy things such as fishing vacations. Alaska fishing vacations all inclusive will allow you to fish to your heart’s content and not worry about other things such as where to get meals. If Alaska fishing vacations all inclusive aren’t really your thing, there are many luxury lodges in Alaska where you can stay in comfort while experiencing the the flora and fauna that make the state so popular.

Though seeing wildlife and activities such as fishing are popular, the most popular thing for most people to do during an all inclusive vacation to Alaska is shopping. Three out of every four visitors to Alaska rates shopping as their top activity when visiting, with viewing wildlife second at 45%.

Whether it’s Alaska fishing vacations all inclusive or just a trip to a luxury wilderness lodge for some sightseeing and shopping, there is something for everyone in Alaska. And don’t be worried that you won’t enjoy it, as surveys consistently show that 98-99% of travelers to Alaska are satisfied with their visit.

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