Are You Looking Forward to the Active Days of Summer at the Lake?

Kayak for fishing for sale

The paddle slipped away suddenly and silently.
As your two daughters laughed and giggled their way through their introduction to the kayak, they inadvertently let the one and only paddle silently sink to the bottom of the lake. The paddle that belonged to your hosts. The host who was your college friend.
By the time you realized that the paddle was missing it was too late to recover. The water too murky to attempt to find it. You searched along the shore for awhile to no avail.
After the paddle was gone the laughs and giggles continued, but they were more subdued. Subdued by the fact that there was not a single paddle under $500 on the lake that could replace the lost one. The owners were quick to admit that the paddle that sunk was only a $40 purchase. On Labor Day weekend, however, all of the affordable paddles were sold out. The remaining ones were guaranteed not to sink, but they were way out of your price range. Your husband spent some time visiting the websites of kayak manufacturers and found that he could order one and have it delivered to your friend’s cabin within a week for just under $60. It would obviously not arrive in time for the rest of the weekend, but the lost item would be replaced at an affordable price.
Upon further investigation on the kayak manufacturers website, your husband also discovered that if you cut a pool noodle into quarters and shoved one of those slices into the oar it would not sink. Brilliant!
Too bad you did not know that tip before your girls had their first recreational kayak outing!
Water Sports Equipment Can Help You Make the Most of Your Days at the Lake
Whether you are looking for the top rated fishing kayaks under $1000 or are looking for recreational stand up paddleboards, you can often find what you need by looking at specific paddleboard and kayak manufacturers websites. From that location, you can make the decision to purchase a needed item at a local sporting goods store or to order from the kayak manufacturers directly.
As the items increase in their popularity, the choices of both paddleboards and kayaks continue to expand. It should likely come as no surprise that with the traditional popularity of fishing that the sporting goods industry would develop new products for their biggest enthusiasts. And while kayak fishing is a new interest for some, the kayaks can also be used purely for pleasure when the fish simply are not biting.
As further indication of the continued popularity of fishing and other water sports, consider these facts and figures:

  • 49.81 million is the number of fishermen and anglers in the U.S.
  • 10.69 million is the number of youth fishing participants in the U.S.
  • Statistics from 2015 indicate that more than 45.7 million Americans took at least one fishing trip that year.
  • Family fishing trips are the things that memories are made of, but they can also help some people forget painful memories. In fact, a study from 2009 indicates that fishing can lower PTSD symptoms and increase the mood of those who suffer from the disorder. The study found that after three days of fly fishing, PTDS participants reported a 32% reduction in guilt and a 43% decrease in feelings of hostility.
  • 10% of paddle fishermen indicated they went kayak fishing two to five days a year in a study conducted in 2015.
  • In total, Americans went on 38,872,000 kayak fishing outings in 2014.

One of the best things about kayaking, paddleboarding, fishing, and other water sports is that you can enter these activities at a variety of price ranges. In fact, at public parks and campgrounds around the country you can often simply rent equipment until you decide where your real interests are.
Making the decision to spend time with your family on the water is the decision to enjoy some of the best of what nature has to offer. You can make the decision between a quite evening on the bank fishing by yourself or an afternoon of group paddleboard yoga classes out on the water. What is your preference? No matter what you choose, you are sure to enjoy yourself and get exercise at the same time.

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