Getting it on Film Capturing Life’s Precious Moments

Super high speed camera

We as a society are quite enthralled with the idea of capturing moments in time. It may come from a sense of vanity for some, or for others perhaps it stems from a fear of fleeting memory. Some just like the beauty of looking back at a specific moment in time. Whatever the reason, society has become almost dependent on cameras. Almost everyone has some sort of device that has the capability to take pictures, and most people carry these devices with them everywhere. But we would be doing ourselves a disservice to forget that capturing moments, whether in photograph or video, is an art form to be toyed with and experimented with. From the use of super slow motion cameras to an ultra high speed camera, the possibilities are endless.

Popularity of super slow motion cameras and high speed cameras
Every new photographer will quickly find that there are endless options from which to choose when it comes to devices and different types of cameras. And with the right knowledge, a photographer can work magic with even a pretty basic model of a standard camera. Playing with shutter speed is just one trick of the trade, where the longer a shutter is open, the more light passes onto the film, changing the look of the scene in the final photograph. Shutter speeds are typically measured in different fractions of a second, ranging from one whole second to 1/1000th of one second. Not only does the shutter speed have an affect on the photograph, but the developing process is another area where the photographer can learn to perfect a certain style or play around with different factors for different outcomes. But when it comes to video, the camera operator can make significant style choices using different speeds.

Different speeds for different purposes

While different shutter speeds can produce different styles of photographs, different video speeds can also reach varied desired affects. For example, a super slow motion camera may come in handy for something like vision research, and studying how different things are seen. One thing is certain: the speed at which photography and videography is growing in popularity and general usage is continuing to increase. Everyone wants to document something. While Instagram, a place meant exclusively for photos, is home to about 40 million photo mobile uploads each and every day, it still pales in comparison to what social media giant Facebook gets, which is 250 million photo uploads every single day. People like to take their pictures, and definitely like to share them. The number of all of the pictures on Facebook is about 10,000 times over the number of all the photographs in the United States Library of Congress. Photographs and videos are not going anywhere any time soon.

Maybe not everyone has the eye to be a professional photographer or videographer. But sometimes all that matters is that you have captured enough of a moment to be able to hang on to a cherished memory for years to come.

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