Have You Heard The #1 Fly Fishing Tip For Beginners?


Looking to get into the exciting sport of fly fishing? There’s no shortage of fly fishing tips and advice for anglers of all experience levels, but here’s seven quick tips for beginners to the sport:

7. Bring A Notebook

In the age of smartphones and tablets, too many young anglers underestimate the value of a paper notebook. But for experienced fly anglers, a trusty notepad has been an absolutely essential piece of equipment since the sport began.

6. A Tool For Every Task

If you have any experience golfing, then you know how important it is to use the right club for the perfect swing. And in fly fishing, expert anglers have a collection of fly fishing rods for every occasion. For instance, if you’re going after the silver bonefish on a saltwater fishing trip in the Bahamas, you’ll want to consider a 15-foot, two-handed rod. But if you bring a 15-foot rod to a freshwater trout fishing trip, then the only thing you’ll catch will be awkward stares from your fellow anglers.

5. Stay Sharp

In your fly fishing equipment, keep a diamond hone or sharpening rock to sharpen your hooks from time to time. Hitting a rock, the bottom of the river, or even brushing up against the side of a boat can dull your hooks.

4. Make Friends

Although people might imagine fly fishermen and women as solitary loners, there’s a massive community of anglers out there waiting to meet you. If you’re new to the sport and looking for fly fishing tips, then there’s no better way to learn than by making new friends.

Luckily for beginners, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife department estimates there are 3.83 million fly anglers in the States, and one in three of them are exclusively fly fishers.

3. Keep The Peace

While it’s important to meet like-minded friends to share fly fishing tips and trips with, remember that many people like to go fishing to get away from it all. Use common sense to decide when to stop and chat, and when a simple, “Howdy,” will suffice. Also, share the water. Depending on the river, you should give other anglers space of 25 to 100 yards or more.

2. Get A Favorite Hat

Although it might not seem that important to the uninitiated, your trusty hat is one of the most important fly fishing tools in your arsenal. Whether it’s just a faded baseball hat or a spoonbill hat with mosquito netting, never head out to the water without putting on your favorite hat.

1. Give Yourself A Break

Even though it’s our last tip, this is also one of the most important fly fishing tips you’ll ever hear. In the beginning, go easy on yourself. It can take awhile to learn all the tricks of the trade and master the hundreds of fly fishing tips people throw at you. It might seem overwhelming, but trust that in time you’ll be casting like a pro!

Of course, with millions of fly fishing enthusiasts out there, there are tons of resources for fly fishing novices to wade into. Don’t forget to have fun out there!

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