How to Create a Horse Polo Training Arena on Your Rural Property

Horse polo training is a sport originating in England. The sport has since spread to other countries. To play it, you need a horse, an area to play on, and another person to take control of the ball. You also need a field goal post at each end of the playing field. Creating a horse polo training arena on your rural property may be a great idea. Local government or agricultural experts can guide you on how to do this. They understand how to build these buildings without damaging your land value. The following is a guideline for creating a horse polo training arena on your rural property.

Plan Ahead

Creating your area for the horses is not hard to do with the proper planning. It gives you a free space to practice anything you wish. It is vital to establish a plan on how to go through this construction. When embarking on creating a horse polo training arena, you want to get the best out of your horse and their training. To achieve this, you need a facility that can provide a suitable gymnastics training environment. Without one, you will likely end up frustrated animals and less-than-ideal performance.

It takes proper planning to integrate this and other necessary aspects of establishing a suitable horse training arena. Creating a polo field will be easier if accommodations and a bar are nearby. If there are no such facilities in the area, having them near where people live would be best. With this, they can come over to watch or even play with their horses when they want to. When planning the construction, the pitch must be good. As a result, there will be no difficulty playing the game.

The pitch must also be free from any obstructions. Interruptions from nearby trees and rocks can be dangerous when playing the game. Planning for the upkeep, design, and establishment of a horse polo training arena is an attractive project for any rural property owner. Designing a training arena might first involve determining its size. Next, consider what shape you would like your horse polo training arena to take.

Rectangular can be an appealing choice. You can also choose one that is circular or oval-shaped. Remember to leave plenty of room at the corners of the arena in your plan. The space will be handy if the horse turns too closely. The other step is deciding what materials will best suit your needs. By carefully planning and designing your horse polo training arena, you will have a smoother building process.

Prepare the Land

Clearing the land is the first step in creating your horse polo training arena. Land clearing services will make this step more straightforward and quicker. Start by removing any invasive plants, forestry, and trees from the area, if there are any. If there are stumps and roots you may leave behind after removing the trees and forestry, you should also grub them out. For challenging tree removal tasks, it is advisable to hire an arborist to perform them. The service provider has the right expertise and horse supplies to do the job properly and safely.

Another thing to do in readiness for your arena construction is flattening out all the depressions. You can use a roller to smooth out these areas. Before beginning the arena’s construction, you must check for bugs and pests. You can look for affordable pest control services to help with this. The most common pests are ants, flies, and ticks. You can try using moth balls and insecticide to eliminate these pests. If these methods fail, consider contacting a pest control expert. Pest control companies have various effective ways to control and eliminate pests. They will assist you in making sure that pests do not pose any danger to your horses.

It also would help to get a professional to analyze the soil. The soil expert will assist you in determining whether it is safe for your horse and other equines. In preparing your land, clear it up, and make it an environment where insects, pests, and other unwanted things will not be able to pose any risk or danger to your horses. You can do this by researching the equine field and its formation. While creating this field, bear in mind the type of terrain under the ground. It is also advisable to determine how it will affect how the horse polo arena should look.

Determine a Suitable Location

Leasing a polo field may be better than owning an area you do not have time to maintain or use frequently. With horses regularly involved in this sport, it is vital to have a suitable location for horse polo training practice. Locating arenas in flat areas with a sound drainage system is essential. The ideal site should have tall trees for backing to prevent polo balls from going out of bounds. When playing polo and you knock the ball over the fence, it becomes difficult to retrieve. Trees will ensure that an errant ball will not fall out of reach and become hard to recover.

You should also ensure no hidden obstacles like wires or fences are present on the site. The location of your arena should be free of these obstacles to limit accidents during training sessions or games. When choosing an area to build your polo arena, it is crucial to research and determine the best site for your construction. Polo players do not just select a location and begin construction. There are several considerations that you must take into account when trying to decide where to place your arena. Firstly, you need flat enough areas for horseshoes and balls to roll easily on or bounce off.

Secondly, you must ensure that the land drains quickly. Players need to be able to play polo regardless of weather conditions. You can consider adding sheds for protection against harsh weather conditions like the scorching sun. In addition, you need to ensure that the surface of your arena is solid enough. With this, players’ horses can gallop over it without having accidents. The players will also be less likely to suffer injuries with such a footing. You should choose a rural property with a good size of land. Such a location may allow you to reach certain areas that are not accessible from the city with its busy streets.

Seek Professional Help

Several professional companies and service providers can help you create a horse polo training arena on your rural property. A professional or construction expert will know the best way to build it. Working with professionals in this project helps to avoid possible accidents. Experts ensure that the horse-related project has a high level of safety. They can apply knowledge of construction materials like metal roofing or composite overlay to provide long-lasting shelter for horses. When seeking a contractor company, get to know their qualifications and decide if these are for you. A good contractor is known for their competence. For instance, a metal roof contractor should be conversant in handling anything from construction to design, consultancy to repair, and maintenance to replacement.

You can start with preliminary discussions to review existing plans and other factors like safety issues. Include costs in your session so they can provide a quotation. A horse polo training arena consists of several parts like the horse arena, the owner’s lounge, and the stable. Be sure to align the sections so that they will work well together. You can hire a contractor to start with the idea you want for your horse polo training arena. It is always best to include professionals like horse polo contractors and other experts in the planning process. With this, you will know how much you will need for your construction project.

The arena construction project requires technical expertise and proper design. Your contractor will recommend various roofing products that are suitable for your project. They will guide you in choosing one that can provide you with the best protection. You must discuss variables like the type of roofing, size, and durability to make a good decision. Professionals will help you achieve your goal of constructing a new facility that is pleasing to the eyes. They will also help create a safe arena for your horses and everyone else on the premises.

Think About Water Supply for Your Arena

To create a horse training arena from scratch, you need to build an arena floor that can be floodlit for evening play. You should also ensure the water supply is available. During the arena creation, it will help to avoid relying on public water sources or electricity. Fluctuations in quality or quantity can happen without warning. Instead, you can opt for well services for a well installation in the arena’s construction site. You can install a well earlier and repair or service it without worrying about odors or pollution.

Connecting to a municipal water system requires digging several feet down. It is more effective to install a well than to go through this process. Municipal water systems also entail extensive construction costs. A well is a simple system that requires little maintenance or annual servicing. Suppose the water levels in the tank drop below an acceptable level. In this case, the pump shuts down and emits a silent alarm. The feature helps to ensure that everyone stays safely out of harm’s way. These systems can be very cost-effective if you only wish to provide limited water needs. A well is an efficient and strategic way of providing drinking water for horses participating in horse polo training.

A well system is an incredibly convenient water supply, especially for equines in environments without municipal water supply connections. Wells can also help clean horses and wash facilities. You can install well systems in arenas and stables as a standalone solution. Another approach may be installing it with other types of water sources such as boreholes or ponds. Developing an effective water management plan is an essential first step in planning the construction of your well. You can find these plans online. They help you determine how much water is available on your property and where it will be best to install the system. These plans also explain how you can monitor your water levels. They will guide you in planning accordingly at any time of the year, regardless of rainfall or temperature.

Consider Safety in Your Project

Horse polo is a sport that will test your stamina, speed, and determination to the max every day. The same applies to the horses in the sport. For this reason, you need to treat your horse’s life as a long-term investment. It is also best to consider the safety of the participants. Before establishing a horse polo training arena, it will help to consult professionals like sports medicine physicians on how to enhance safety during the sport. These experts will guide you on how best to build your arena.

It will also help to have a list of contacts for these service providers before making your arena. They must be present when there is any training or competition in the facility. Players may need these professionals’ help in case of an injury or accident while participating in the sport. Horses should exercise for at least an hour outside with or without the presence of humans. Some may say that this means in the spring and summertime, but truthfully it is all year round. Horses require exercise that they can do in any environment at any time of year.

A good training arena is open but secure. It must have a fence, of course. Generally, the fence should be long enough to provide a boundary that the horses cannot overstep. For this reason, you need to consider specialized arenas such as a pasture. When creating your arena, remember that you should never skimp on quality, even if it means spending a little more money. Consider the safety and health of people and horses in the arena an investment.

A horse polo training arena on your rural property is a great way to increase the value of your home. It also provides a chance to enjoy hours of entertainment with friends and family. Many rural properties have enough space for a home, barn, arena, and pasture to host polo competitions. All that remains is building an arena. You can quickly and successfully create a horse polo training arena on your rural property with the right planning skills and knowledge.

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