How to Lower Your Pools PH Level

As a pool owner, it is a good idea to keep your pool around a 7.3 to 7.8 pH level, according to the video. If you notice that it is going above that number or below, there are some things you can do to adjust swimming pool pH throughout the year and maintain healthy pool water.

If the pH is too high, you can get scale on your pool, and the chlorine isn’t as effective as it needs to be.

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When the pH is too high, you can use muriatic acid to bring it down so that the chlorine can work correctly.

If your pH is too low and the chlorine is very strong, add baking soda or soda ash to balance it out and raise the pH level. The best way to determine how much acid to add to your pool is with the help of a chemical calculator. When you test the pH and alkalinity of the pool, you can punch in those numbers, and it will tell you how much of the acid to add to the pool based on the pool size.

When you add the chemical in the pool, make sure you mix it directly with fresh water first in a larger bucket, mix it, and then add it to the pool. If you want to see if you need more, feel free to test again in a few hours and see if you need to do another round.

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