Lacrosse Gift Ideas That Are Sure to Please On and Off the Field

Gifts for a coach

Although youth athletics are often considered an integral part of the fabric that makes up American culture and society, it can be difficult to keep kids motivated to participate. While it’s estimated that nearly 35 million school-aged children participate in an organized sport during an given school year, rates of childhood diabetes and obesity have also consistently risen within the last two decades. Many experts and parents feel increased usage of digital devices has contributed to more a sedentary lifestyle.

However, sports still remain a highly popular activity for Americans of all ages. While soccer is considered the world’s most popular sport, lacrosse is making its way up the sports totem pole and has gained a loyal group of passionate fans. For example, the number of boys playing lacrosse has risen 57% in the last five years while the number of girls playing has grown by an impressive 43%.

If you’re a lacrosse parent, there’s no better way to celebrate you and your child’s love of lacrosse than to give custom gifts. Custom gifts make great sports gifts, but they’re also an excellent way to keep your child motivated to continue playing. In addition, personalized lacrosse gifts help to instill a sense of confidence and pride within your child; two qualities that are needed on the playing field.

Now that lacrosse season is in full swing, it’s time to start brainstorming lacrosse gift ideas for your child and their team. From lacrosse t-shirts to personalized lacrosse balls, the possibilities are endless.

While items such lacrosse t-shirts are always fan favorites, there are plenty of other lacrosse gift ideas to choose from. Why not think outside of the box and get creative? for example, lacrosse Christmas ornaments are the perfect way to combine the festive spirit of the holidays with your family’s love of lacrosse. Or, consider bringing the fun of the lacrosse field into your home by creating custom lacrosse decor such as throw pillows, blankets, or floor mats. Find more.

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