Make Pool Time a Party With These 3 Awesome Games

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Anyone who has a pool in their backyard knows how lucky they are, especially during the summer months. Pools automatically create a paradise in any backyard, and quickly transform your outdoor environment into a mecca for family fun.
When it comes to family pool time, games are often a fun and imaginative way to get the whole family active, and involved.
Here are three popular pool games that the whole family will love:
Sharks and Minnows
This classic pool game is a tried and true swimming pool game favorite. To play sharks and minnows, designate one player as the ‘shark’ and the rest of the players as minnows. Each player will stand around the perimeter of the pool. When the shark yells “sharks and minnows” the players must jump into the pool and try to swim to the other side without being tagged. If you get tagged, you’re sure to be fish bait.
If you have the proper pool lighting, playing sharks and minnows at night ups the spookiness of the game, especially if you have colored LED pool lighting!
Marco Polo
This is another classic call and response pool game that people of all ages love, but make sure this one is played mostly in the shallow end! To play, designate one swimmer as ‘it’. Then, this person must close their eyes, and yell “Marco!”, to which the other swimmers will reply “Polo!”. The goal of the game is for the designated swimmer to tag the other swimmers. But make sure they don’t cheat by opening their eyes!
Watermelon Ball
Although this one sounds strange, watermelon ball is an unconventional, wacky and fun for the whole family. To play, take a small to medium sized watermelon and grease it up with Vaseline. Then, throw it into the water. The first person to get the slippery melon out of the pool wins!

Now that you have these games in your repertoire, have fun and don’t forget the sunscreen! See this reference for more. Continue reading here.

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