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It’s little secret that Americans love their sports. It’s also fair to say that their devotion starts at a young age. Over 60% of American kids play sports outside of school. That is roughly 21 million kids! In high school, 7.7 million students play on at least one sports team, if not several more. Of the many high school sports students can play, soccer is one of the most popular. Although professional soccer may not have the same fan base and clout in the U.S. as basketball, baseball, football, and other “American” sports, it is highly popular with secondary school children. There are more than 8,200 youth soccer leagues in the United States, from pee-wee teams to high school. Americans love to stay active and, for children at least, soccer is one of the best way they do so.

Parents and coaches of young soccer players know just how fun and beneficial soccer is for children. Some parents and coaches are so appreciative of soccer that they take it to a whole new level. International soccer tours for young soccer players is a wonderful way to show kids both the joys of soccer and the beauty of the outside world. Sweden soccer tours, for example, offer young players the chance of a lifetime. What high school kid wouldn’t want to travel to Stockholm to play against teams around the world? From Stockholm to Salamanca to Salzburg, there are several cities around the world that host youth soccer tournaments, each one just as exciting and mind-blowing for children as the last.

Playing soccer as a kid instills the values of teamwork, honesty, discipline, self-control, and patience among many others — values they will need to succeed in life as adults. International soccer tours provide an excellent opportunity for young soccer players to thrive in sports as well as life.

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