Protecting Those Who Protect Us Is Important

We live in challenging and dangerous times. From people who are in law enforcement to medical emergency workers, in fact, every day on the job can be a risk. For this reason, there are a number of workers who are provided body armor clothing and training in the use of tactical gear. With the right equipment, it is possible to make sure that there are as many safety precautions taken as possible.

How Do Reactive Targets Work?
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Rarely a day goes by when the evening news in one part of the country is not talking about a police officer shooting. Likewise, this month’s news has been full of fire fighters and all kinds of rescue workers who are putting their lives at risk trying to save people from the wildfires that are ravaging parts of the nation.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the use of tactical gear and police safety uniforms that are in place around the U.S.:

  • 33 law enforcement officers were feloniously killed with their own weapon in the last 10 years, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
  • 62 of the 66 law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty in 2016 were assaulted with firearms.
  • During the last decade there were nearly 60,000 assaults a year on police officers, according to government data.
  • Since the year 1978, 87 police officers in New York City alone have been saved by body armor.
  • 71% of local police departments in 2013 required officers to wear armor vests at all times, according to a survey by the Bureau of Justice Statistics.
  • Armor vests have saved the lives of more than 3,000 law enforcement officers over the past 30 years.

If police officers are going to be able to survive the dangerous and challenging days of work that they serve they will need to continue to wear the latest body armor and other kinds of protective gear.

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