Seating Options Attract Spectators


We are a sports nation. If we are not in our cars driving our children to practice, or at our homes watching our favorite athletic team on television, we are likely to be found on the aluminum benches and bleachers that provide a temporary landing spot for our sports crazy culture.

In the United States, sports are widely recognized as a tool for child development and health promotion. In fact, 75% of parents of middle or high school students say they encourage their children to participate in some kind of sport or athletic activity. While parents typically get their own exercise several times during the week, when their son or daughter is on the field or on the court, you can bet that the most dedicated parents/fans will be sitting on indoor or outdoor aluminum bleachers.

As soon as the sporting contest is over, many of these same fans then move to an outdoor picnic table or parking lot to wait for their athletes. Although fields and courts need constant upkeep and maintenance to stay in shape and remain safe, an appropriately sized bleacher system is also necessary. Professional sports, as well as colleges, high schools, and even middle schools have bleacher systems to accommodate their fans. They vary in size from 10 feet wide systems that only seat 25, all the way to full stadiums that seat thousands and wrap around the entire field.

Even the smallest athletic team or event needs to provide seating if they want to attract spectators. Some of these smaller groups are often in search of a temporary seating option. Movable aluminum bleachers come in varying lengths with anywhere between two to five risers. And pricing on portable bleachers can run from a few hundred dollars up to a couple of thousand dollars.

If you are a church, city park system or commercial business looking for indoor or outdoor seating options, you will find a system that fits your budget. Comfortable and adequate sitting can often be the option that makes your event successful and comfortable. Plans for a large worship service or an all day swimming event can fail miserably if you do not plan for enough seating. While renting seating may be an option if you are having a one time event, it is likely that once you make the decision to purchase picnic table, bleacher or bench seating you will likely wonder how you ever got along without it. Making the decision to get bids on moveable or permanent seating systems will help you draw fans for your competitors and performers, as well as business for your concessions and vendors.

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