Take a Martial Arts Class to Build Muscle

It is no secret that there is an epidemic of sorts, where many American adolescents and adults are overweight or even obese. Many causes have been pointed out, and many of them revolve around two basic factors: diet and exertion. Of course, a person’s genetics, age, and disability may play a role, but an able-bodied person can and probably should launch a weight loss program if they have extra body fat. A good diet will cut out the many fast foods and processed foods that Americans typically eat, and exercise can take many forms. Weight lifting, cardio, and sports are favorite ways to burn fat and develop muscle, and a muay thai kickboxing class is just one example of this. Martial arts of all kinds can build muscle, develop self-defense skills, and overall be a lot of fun. These and other ancient martial arts have survived to the modern day for good reason. A person can look up “muay thai kickboxing class near me”, for example, or “muay thai kickboxing class Portland OR” or “muay thai kickboxing class Boston MA” to find something local.

Exercise and Daily Habits

A major reason for modern obesity rates is insufficient levels of exercise, and both kids and adults are guilty of this. Under-18 kids are exercising less than before, and that can lead to many health problems. It has been shown that gross motor play and exercise is not only good for the body, but it also helps develop mental faculties as well. Kids must exercise to develop their strength, coordination, and mental power, but modern kids are often falling short of their exercise quotas. A number of health organizations such as the American Heart Association and the CDC have set general guidelines for kids’ daily and weekly exercise, but most kids don’t meet them. Rather, kids are spending too much time on electronic devices and screens, such as smart phones or PCs. This leads to sedentary behavior that can contribute to weight gain, limited mental faculties, and even mood disorders or sleep difficulties.

Adults are often falling short as well. Many Americans are working sedentary indoor jobs that offer no chances for exercise, and adults are often sedentary at home, too. Many people go to the gym to work out, but many others do not, and they don’t even indulge in home workouts or walking outside. It has been found that under 5% of adults take part in 30 minutes of exercise per week, and only one in three gets the recommended weekly amount of exercise. This can contribute to obesity rates, sleep problems, and mood disorders, just like with children. And when all this is combined with poor diets consisting of fast food and processed foods, it is clear why many Americans are overweight. The good news is that any able-bodied person can launch a weight loss program, and exercise can in fact be great fun and teach new skills. Lots of people may want to attend a muay thai kickboxing class and learn to defend themselves.

Good Exercise and Diet

Every person is different, and so are their health needs. Someone interested in a better diet and an exercise routine may want to consult his or her doctor or a nutritionist. Once this is taken care of, a program can be started.

Eating habits may be transformed. A person can phase out all processed and “junk” food in exchange for whole ingredients and natural foods, from chicken and fish to brown rice, vegetables, fruit, and dairy. This shuts down the intake of bad calories and makes weight loss easier, not to mention the boosted nutrition.

Exercise takes many forms, and the benefits are many. The human body is naturally designed to move, and the rewards range from a rush of endorphins (“runner’s high”) to weight loss, developing muscle and coordination, and improved mood and sleep. This can certainly include martial arts classes, such as a muay thai kickboxing class. These skills work out all sorts of muscles in the body as well as burn fat and improve coordination and balance. A person may sign up for a class in a nearby studio, and learn new skills whole sculpting their body with professional supervision and instruction.

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