The Benefits of Having a Tactical Tomahawk During The Zombie Apocalypse

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Zombies have always both fascinated and horrified the masses. The concept of a reanimated course with an unsatiated appetite for human flesh has inspired a variety of books, movies and series, such as AMC’s notorious The Walking Dead. While The Walking Dead is far from being the first comic book or television series to depict a zombie apocalypse; a world in which for known or unknown reasons, the undead outnumber the living and all forms of government and order remain distant memories.

For most fans, The Walking Dead and other zombie apocalypse shows, movies, etc., are simply a form of entertainment, albeit a terrifying one. However, for some, the possibility of an apocalypse, zombie or not, bridges on reality.

Self proclaimed “Doomsday Preppers” often stock up on tactical gear and weapons such as tactical tomahawk axes, large survival tactical knives, lightweight small tactical knives, crossbows, blunt objects, and firearms. Why not use powerful firearm all the time? In several different zombie universes, zombies — also called biters or walkers — are often attracted to loud sounds and lights. While semi-automatic and fully automatic firearms are excellent in clearing large groups or herds of zombies, weapons such as tomahawk axes are best for close quarters combat.

As governments, police forces, and all sense of structure fall, survivors are left to fend for themselves in a lawless dog-eat-dog world. They are lucky if they are able to find or build a shelter, however, many live a semi-nomadic lifestyle. Tactical tomahawk axes and tactical pocket knives are not only excellent weapons to use against zombies, they are versatile, multi-purpose tools essential for outdoor survival and can be used to execute a variety of different tasks.

Whether preparing for the zombie apocalypse, nuclear fallout, or the end of society as we know it, doomsday preppers often buy hand forged tactical tomahawks through online retailers. In addition, they buy tactical knives at online or in person at military supply or outdoor supply stores.

Even if the zombie apocalypse never happens — it won’t — it doesn’t hurt to keep a tactical tomahawk on hand.

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