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Wedding are one of the most lucrative industries in the United States and the CDC reports that there are more than 2 million weddings every year. This industry grosses about $40 billion annually, with couples choosing various types of weddings, from traditional church ceremonies, to backyard nuptials, to destination weddings. With any of these weddings, thousands of dollars are spent on every detail to ensure that brides and grooms enjoy their perfect day.

Part of securing an unforgettable wedding experience is the reception, where friends and family gather to eat, drink and be merry, celebrating the couple’s mutual commitment. Receptions have traditionally been held in a halls or ballrooms, but many couples opt for a more simple, elegant backyard or outdoor party. This means that party chair rentals, table linen rentals, and finding the right tent is all up to the couple. While this may take a bit more legwork on the part of the impending bride and groom, it often saves a significant chunk of cash, and caps the entire day with a more personal touch.

Executing the perfect outdoor reception takes careful planning, an out-of-the-box imagination, and a willingness to go with the flow. Here are 3 things couples can do to turn their outdoor reception into a success.

  1. Plan B. One of the downsides of doing an outdoor wedding is that weather may not always work in a couple’s favor. Rain, wind, and even unexpected snow showers can damper the entire party. Enough wind can knock over the party tent rental and send guests running for the nearest shelter. The best thing to do is to spruce up another location nearby, and have party chair rentals and tables ready to go. This could be the inside of a couple or family member’s house, or a quaint party room down the street.
  2. Befriend Nature. The outdoors can be the perfect setting for an outdoor reception. Bushes, trees, flowers and other flora and fauna can be an ideal backdrop for the party tent. The wedding linen rentals and lighting can be pre-selected to match the color and feel of surrounding natural elements. The tent can also be pitched next to trees, or between a few, to frame the setting. The centerpieces on the tables could incorporate leaves or sprigs taken from surrounding plants or trees, which will also save money on floral arrangements and tie the outdoor theme together.
  3. Mood Enhancing Music. A backyard reception may not be the best place to play steel drum music or the latest hip hop soundtrack. While these beats can be saved for the dance/after party portion of the festivities, the music should enhance the reflective nature of an outdoor wedding. Big band music, swing, and also classical music from composers like Handel, can give the ceremony both a soft and lively feel. Once the dancing portion of the evening commences and everyone crowds the dance floor, it is best switch to beat driven, mulit-generational songs that bolster the guests’ energy.

An outdoor wedding can be an extremely budget-friendly way to plan a reception, and allows couples a larger degree of creative freedom. They can choose from their favorite party chair rentals and find the most cost-effective wedding supply rentals instead of having to settle for what a hall or ballroom offers. With diligence and nature-oriented planning, an outdoor reception can be an ideal vehicle to send a couple down the road of marriage.
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