Three Floor Cleaning Tips Even the King of Pop Could Follow

Cleaning rubber

Michael Jackson may be dead, but his legend lives on — and not always in a good way. One of Neverland’s former maids says that Jackson was one of the filthiest homeowners she ever worked for. The woman, who has only been identified as “Maid No. 1,” told The New York Post that Jackson would run around with his animals and not think twice about getting their fecal matter on his feet, and then tracking that throughout the house.

A woman known as “Maid No. 2” remembers scrubbing everything before a visit from Oprah Winfrey. Directly after she left, Jackson peed on the floor of the entryway. Maid No. 2 claims Jackson possessed a soiled baby’s diaper. Of course, it’s easy to make these claims now that Jackson is dead, and newspapers will pay handsomely for stories that continue to draw in readers.

If your floors are dirty, cleaning them can be a pain — especially if the item soiling the floor isn’t easy to clean up. Here are three floor cleaning tips that would work for anyone — even the King of Pop.

1. Always Keep Salt on Hand

Oh no! You spilled something on your white carpet. You don’t want to scrub it with a towel and risk spreading it. However, you don’t want to let it set, either. Having salt around to put on stains is a good idea — salt absorbs liquids and keeps them out of your carpet.

2. Nailpolish Removal

Little girls are having a sleepover, and what do you know — even after careful advisement, someone knocks over the nailpolish. How can you get that stain out of your floor before it sets? First, try and remove as much polish as you can through blotting with a rag (not rubbing). Then, use nailpolish remover to try and pull out the rest. Finally, hairspray and rubbing alcohol can help pull up the remaining stains.

3. Cleaning Rubber Flooring

When you first set up your home gym, it’s neat, organized, and clean. After a few months, though, the granola bar crumbs, shoe dirt, and normal accumulation of dust and grime build up. Rubber cleaning isn’t as intuitive as something like wood or tile, but it isn’t hard either. Always sweep first, to remove abrasive debris. Rubber floor cleaning products should be used since formulas not intended for rubber can end up breaking it down.

Do you have tips for cleaning rubber flooring? Let us know in the comments. Research more here.

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