Tips for Getting Permission to Hunt on Private Land

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Western hunting ranches are some of the best places in the country for big game hunting, but obviously, the land is often privately owned. You can often get permission to use private hunting land, but it takes a little bit of sweet-talking. Here are our best tips for acquiring permission to hunt on someone else’s large property.

Ask in Person
Don’t just call or email. Make the time to stop by the owner’s home for a discussion and formal permission. This will help ensure that they know the face of the person wandering around their property. Who knows, they may even be able to provide some pointers on the best spots for deer.

Offer Something in Return
You might offer a portion of whatever you harvest on the land in exchange for use of the land. Or you could help with property maintenance. If all else fails, offer money: Hunters spend an average $2,484 per year on the sport, and western hunting ranch owners with bountiful land are well aware of their worth. If you don’t pay for it, somebody else will.

Go Over the Ground Rules
If the land owner does grant you permission, be sure to ask about any off-limit areas, such as crop fields or inhabited structures. Follow and respect all rules and guidelines that the owner gives. And leave everything just as you left it, including gates, fences, structures, etc. Of course, always carry out any trash you bring in and respect the land itself.

Afterwards, don’t forget to thank the ranch property owner again. If you scored well on your hunt, you might ask about returning again next year — but if you do, make sure to ask for permission again, as minds can change with time.

There are great benefits to hunting on private property, but be sure to do so respectfully. Follow these tips for asking permission to use someone else’s western hunting ranch land for your hunting needs, and you may just get the game you’ve been looking for all along. Ultimately, respect the land and its owner, and you should have no problems getting your permission granted.

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