What Is The Most Popular Water-Based Sport In America?

Stand up paddle board

Why is paddle boarding one of America’s most popular sports and hobbies? Is it the fun atmosphere or is it the numerous health benefits? If you’re looking for a new past-time to call your own, you’ll be happy to know it’s all of the above and more! Paddleboarding is a safe, fun and easy way of getting out onto the open water that the whole family can enjoy. Read below on the ins and outs of this energetic social outing and why you should consider adding an SUP inflatable to your sports closet!

Paddling In America

The year 2014 saw over 21 million Americans — a whopping 8% of the population — enjoying paddling on their time off. Paddlers averaged at least seven annual outings that same year, up from six on average the year before. Stand-up paddling has increased in popularity and is quickly becoming the most popular way to use paddle boards, acting as a more stable middle-ground between kneeling and surfing. But why do so many turn to paddling as their go-to water-based activity?

Why Do People Paddle?

Paddle boarding is exciting and healthy in a myriad of ways. Over 70% of stand-up paddlers participate in the sport for its health benefits, using it as a way to exercise multiple areas of the body, such as their shins, thighs and stomach. Another 30% said they enjoy the excitement and culture surrounding this fun and accessible water activity. Over half of all participants in a recent survey said that paddling is the most enjoyable when done with family or friends. So, what kind of SUP inflatable should you buy for you and your kids?

Buying Your SUP Inflatable

There are many different kinds of paddle boards and paddle boarding equipment on the market. It’s estimated at least 20% of kayak businesses have even seen a boost in their sales due to the paddling industry! Electric paddles are useful for those that run out of energy quickly on the water, while carbon fiber paddles are appropriately durable for multiple uses every weekend. No matter your age or occupation, paddling is a healthy and enjoyable activity anyone can enjoy.

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