When and Where to Find a Fine Boat

Boating is a popular recreational activity, and many Americans today love to take their boats out to lakes or ocean shores and try out fishing, wakesurfing or wakeboarding, or just a picnic on a pontoon boat. Different boat models are out there for customers, and boat dealers may have pontoon boats for sale (new or used), or some fishing boats for sale. These fishing boats for sale may be similar to pontoons in many ways, and neither are designed for speed or sports. A modern customer may be looking for a new or used boat, and similar rules as finding new or used cars may be applicable here, such as when finding gently used fishing boats for sale. When looking for used ore new fishing boats for sale, or speedboats, what might the customer keep in mind? And who is buying these boats?

Boat Sales and Customers

Boats are not cheap to buy, but they can be a fine investment, and many middle-class households may have them. A middle class household is one that earns $100,000 or under per year, and around 72% of boat owners fit into this category. Many boat owners are also middle-aged or elderly adults who have saved enough for this sort of purchase, although younger boat buyers are out there, too. This is a similar trend as the housing market and cars, and buyers of the Millennial generation (born 1982-1995) are making an impact in these industries. These buyers are now old enough to afford major life purchases such as cars, boats, and houses, and marketers and retailers for boats or cars may pay close attention to the preferences and spending habits of those Millennial buyers.

Whether a Millennial or a retiree, a boat owner is taking part in quite a large industry. The recreational boating industry in the United States has a yearly economic impact close to $121.5 billion, through direct indirect, and induced spending. This industry is found among nearly 35,000 businesses and also supports some 650,000 direct and indirect jobs across the nation. This industry is even seeing some growth, and yearly American sales of boats, marine products and services grew some 3% in 2016 to reach a total of $37 billion, and that trend may continue throughout 2018 as well. throughout 2016, sales of power boats grew as well. What might a buyer look for in fishing boats for sale or pontoons?

Buy the Boat

Boats may be found at retailers across the United States (and not all of them are necessarily near large bodies of water), and they offer a wide selection of marine vehicles. Boats may be found either new or used, and there are good reasons to try each route. Buyers who can afford it may choose to get a new boat, and these new boats will have all of their factory warranties in place and also will live up to modern standards of power, safety, and features. Such boats may appeal mainly to older buyers, who have had the time to save up for them. New speedboats, for example, may be a great choice for wakesurfing or wakeboarding, and these boats create just the right wake for those sports.

What about used boats? These boats may have some maintenance issues and probably won’t have all of their warranties in place, but the right boat can be a great buy at a solid discount in some cases. Used boats may be found either at retailers or private parties, and a buyer is advised to look them over in person and take them for a test run before making a purchase. A used boat’s motor may have some faults, so the buyer should (with permission) take the boat for a test run. If the engine rattles, gives off too little power, or emits smoke, these may be some warning signs. On top of that, the boat might have cracks or holes in the hull, or worn out carpet or electrical components. All of this must be examined in person. Still, a gently used boat may only have minor need for repairs, and a used boat owner can tear up the old boat carpeting and replace it with new material. Such carpeting is available from marine supply retailers.

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