When Was the Last Time You Helped Celebrate a Birthday?

Your son makes life wildly sweet.

This is just one of the reasons that you are wishing your best friend, your world, your mini me the best year ever. You barely remember life before you were his mom because that is the moment you became your best. You are thankful for every day of silliness, shared curiosity, and a willingness to explore. You feel as if you were given everything the day your son was born. You are hopeful that this entire year will be full of wide-eyed moments of discovery and celebration because he deserves it all. Finding a way to celebrate in these strangest of times, however, is a challenge. No big, blow out birthday parties surrounded by friends and family. You know that you will find other ways to make sure that he feels special, but you are certainly looking forward to the day when things can return to some kind of normal.

Birthdays, funerals, and weddings have all required a very different kind of planning lately. Knowing that you are going to get to return to normal in the future is no real relief when you realize that your son is not going to get to reclaim this birthday. There will be other parties in the future, but there will never be another sixth birthday. The year of 2020 has erased many opportunities for many people, but you are hopeful that you are going to be able to find a way to make this day as socials as possible.

What Are the Plans for Your Next Celebration?

As the colder winter months arrive, it should come as no surprise that there are many people who are struggling to find a way to honor former traditions like birthday parties and family gatherings. And while the warmer summer months may have provided a way to gather at the neighborhood baseball field to try out the newest gift of a couple of shaved fastpitch softball bats, this winter will create more challenges. Safely gathering indoors even with a few people is going to be less and less possible while the nation waits for the distribution of a vaccine, so many people are searching for ways to make a birthday, anniversary, or winter holiday more fun. Sharing films of previous events when the family did gather to watch a homerun fest using rolled and shaved bats is one option, but there are many families who are going to be really searching for ways to make these next few months easier on the youngest and oldest men bars of our families.

Isolated grandparents and those five and six year olds who have been looking forward to the holidays may find themselves the most disappointed. In the case of the younger ones, however, by definition they are at least home with their parents. Grandparents, on the other hand, may be spending an extra amount of time indoors and alone. And while shaved fastpitch softball bats and rolled bats for baseball players may have provided a welcome option in the summer, the same is not true for the colder winter months. In fact, shaved fastpitch softball bats and other kinds of similar products are not effective in colder weather. For example, shaved bats do not do well in cold temperatures. Most manufacturers do not recommend using a shaved bat if it is colder than 65 degrees outside. As a result, shaved fastpitch softball bats may need to be set aside and parents may need to look for other kinds of gifts like sleds for the youngest kids and snow boards for the older ones.

Knowing that we will eventually return to a more normal kind of life is encouraging, but it does not necessarily make these next few months any easier. Continuing to look for safe ways to gather in person or online, however, may help every family navigate these challenging months. Perhaps instead of going to watch a granddaughter’s gymnastics meet it might be a good substitute for family members to share old videos. Laughing over the first at bats or the first time trying to field a ball may be just enough entertainment to help pass the time.

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