Which Coolers Should You Take On Your Camping Trip? A Brief Look

Camping trips have been a popular option for vacations for years, and these days they can take a number of forms. When searching for nearby campgrounds, 42% stay at national/state/municipal campgrounds, and 25% stay at private campgrounds. Camping trips can vary from an overnight stay to several weeks in the middle of nowhere, and no matter the length you’ll want to be able to bring the right amount of supplies with you. This is where coolers come into play: they can carry perishable supplies like food, which allow you to stay in the wilderness for an extended length of time without having to return to town each day. There are several types of coolers you can bring on a camping trip, and this article will take a look at a few of them.

  • Portable Fridge Freezers: One type of cooler that is popular for camping trips are portable fridge freezers. As the name implies, these are miniature refrigerators that can be packed into an RV or a cabin that has electricity. Due to running on battery power, these portable fridge freezers can even be taken on tent camping trips, though care should be taken to monitor the amount of battery power that remains. Portable fridge freezers are great for camping trips since you can pack a variety of frozen foods and take them with you, allowing for a greater variety of meals to be prepared during the trip.
  • Hard Coolers: Another type of cooler that can be taken on a camping trip are hard coolers. These come in a variety of sizes, and can be packed to the brim with food and ice to keep the food cold for the duration of the trip. While not running on battery power like a portable fridge freezer, hard coolers also do an effective job of keeping its contents cold for a long period of time. The one difference between hard coolers and portable fridge freezers is that the former requires being filled with ice to some degree to keep items cold.
  • Soft Side Coolers: And finally, a third type of cooler that can be taken on a camping trip are soft side coolers. As opposed to hard coolers, which have completely hard bodies, soft side coolers are made from a flexible material and are typically closed with a zipper. These are the best kind of cooler to take on a short camping trip, since soft side coolers are typically smaller (though not always), and can’t hold as much as other coolers.

In conclusion, there are several types of coolers that you can take on your next camping trip. These include portable fridge freezers, hard coolers, and soft side coolers. The type of cooler you take will greatly depend on the length of the trip you’re planning on, so consider your choices carefully as you plan your trip out.

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