Why Fitness Clubs Are Growing In Popularity

Athletes are used to hitting up their local gym to get in shape. In recent years, however, many have made the jump to fitness clubs. There are over 180,000 fitness clubs worldwide, and that number will continue to grow. 36% of people working out at gyms also have a fitness club membership in hand. These establishments offer a unique experience unavailable at a typical gym.


Fitness clubs come equipped with spas to help people calm down after an intense workout. At these spas, customers can get various forms of massages, facials, and body waxing. Since 2007, the amount of spas in fitness clubs has risen to 149,000. After a spa session, customers come out feeling great.


Looking good is a key factor in attending a fitness club. These establishments take things further with stylists working on that haircut and highlights. Many people head to an important business meeting following a workout. Being able to look their best with a proper haircut and highlights can make a difference.

Juice bars

Juice bars are present for those looking for a nutritious drink at the club. Many smoothies available are fat-free with no artificial ingredients or colors added. Aside from tasting great, these drinks aid in weight loss, toning, and boosting metabolism. Because of their nutrients, you can use them to replace a meal. Protein shakes are also available for boosting carbohydrates in the body.

Basketball / tennis courts

After a good workout, customers might feel like playing a quick game of basketball or tennis. Fitness clubs are filled with courts for individuals to show off their abilities. This is a great way to communicate with fellow customers and make friends. Playing a game or two can also help strengthen legs.

Group exercises

Exercising in groups can be difficult at a gym. Fitness clubs make sure everyone can work out together with various programs. Yoga, tai chi, and Pilates are among the exercises available for both small and large groups. These classes come in various difficulties to fit your experience. Working out with others can help improve teamwork.


One tiresome thing about heading to a gym is bringing equipment for a workout. Fitness clubs have a slew of workout equipment available to use for free. Leaving behind those weights can lead to a happier mindset going into the club.

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