World Water Day and How You Can Celebrate It

World water day

There is no common bond that crosses every culture, ethnicity, and walk of life within humanity greater than the need for water. The human body is 60% water. Our brains are 70% water. Our lungs are 90% water. Every single day, every human on the planet must replace 2 quarts of water through their food and drink to survive. No matter how privileged, wealthy, or healthy you are, you are only as strong as your access to clean drinking water. Every human on the planet has this need.

The Great Water Crisis
The terrifying fact is, there is a startling number of humans who do not have access to the clean water they need to live on. One in every ten humans does not have access to clean water. This equals 750 million humans– twice the total population of the United States. The need is so dire that 80% of illnesses that occur in developing countries are a direct result of the lack of clean water. In fact, 20% of children who die before they reach the age of five succumb to a water-related illness. The water crisis in the world today is a problem we all share.

World Water Day
To raise awareness on the water crisis and generate support for it, the United Nations created “International Water Day” in 1992. Every year, on March 22, organizations across the world celebrate water day by organizing events to bring attention to the need for clean water and help bring solutions to the table. Water day is celebrated through festivals, educational events, and fundraising campaigns that bring clean water access to those who do not currently have it. Since world water day is only a few weeks away, we put together a few suggestions for ways you can celebrate it and bring attention to this huge need in your own backyard:

  1. Focus on Conserving Water Yourself
    Remember when your mom used to tell you to eat your dinner because their were starving kids in China who wish they could? Just like that sentiment, being conscious of the water you waste may not directly give water to a dehydrated child in a third world country, but if every person in the world wasted less water, our crisis wouldn’t be so extreme:

    • Turn the water off while you’re brushing your teeth.
    • Reduce your shower time by at least one minute.
    • Skip every other car wash day (or learn to love your car with a little dust on it).

    Small changes can make a huge difference in the grand scheme.

  2. Help Bring Better Water to People Who Don’t Have It
    Even a small donation to a water-related charity will make a big difference in the long run. There are several great organizations that strive to bring every human across the globe access to clean water. You can find reputable charities on the World Health Organization’s International Water Day website, or do your own research and find one that you really identify with. Donating money to fighting the global water crisis is a great way to literately give a glass of water to a person in need.
  3. Flex Your Big Muscles
    Even if you do not have the monetary resources to contribute to solving the water crisis, you have some sort of skill or talent that could be put to good use. Consider contributing your organizational skills, fundraising energy, or muscle power to help solve this issue for all of humanity.
  4. Help Raise Awareness
    Maybe you’re just one person, and there is little that you can personally to make a global impact on the water crisis. However, if you raise awareness to a few people, who spread the word to a few more people and so on, very quickly, the entire world will understand the importance of water conservation and support the bringing water to people in need. Consider attending a water day event in your area (a list of World Water Day events across the globe can be found on the United Nations website). Use your voice on social media bring awareness to your friends and followers. If you have the resources, organize an event yourself!

Do you have any other ideas for celebrating World Water Day? Please share them in the comment section below.

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