Yes, You Can Go River Rafting

Colorado river raft trips

Have you ever dreamed of taking a raft down a roaring river? If the very thought makes you uncomfortable, you should know that rafting trips are actually perfectly safe for beginners, even those who do not know how to swim. With a little confidence and knowledge, you could join the 28% of Americans who like to take to the rivers for fun.

A raft can hold between four to eight people. This makes it a great activity for adventurous couples or families looking to enliven the typical family vacation. Rafting can give children a sense of accomplishment, and makes the whole family work together as a unit. That is something every parent can appreciate.

Though rafting works great at making families communicate (in the boat at least), couples may enjoy the activity as an extended date option. Participating together in a physical activity has been shown to increase dopamine levels, and creates a positive association with the other person in one’s mind. Combined with the beautiful scenery, it is sure to impress. It is an alternative to the eternal question of what you will do for your next date.

Outdoor recreation is valued by 77% of Americans. Something about the sound of the wind in the trees and the flowing of a river seems to relax a large portion of the public. Rafting, by the nature of the activity, requires you to put your cell phone away and be “unplugged” for a few hours, which is something we all need. It may even encourage some participants to pursue other river sports, such as kayaking.

If you are convinced that river rafting is something you must experience, the next question is, where to go? Depending on the vacation location, there are trips to be taken in most states. One of the most popular is to take the Colorado River down to the Grand Canyon. It is one way of combining different sites into one trip. Either way, it is a time for enjoying a safe adventure while getting back to nature.

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