5 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Sports Fan In The Family

The holidays are fast approaching, and coming up with interesting and exciting ideas for gifts isn’t always easy. We’re here to help, as we’ve come up with 5 gift ideas for the sports fan in your family. These range in price from cheap to expensive, so these could work for anybody from a co-worker to significant other or child.

1. NFL Packages

Starting off with a big one, an NFL ticket package for a sports fan can be fantastic gift. These packages, such as a Washington Redskins game package, allow fans to do more than just go to the game. They’ll get a whole other experience, oftentimes including meet and greets, autograph signings, exclusive merchandise and more. Though the items such as the Washington Redskins game package can get on the expensive side, if you’re dealing with a mega fan and you think they’ll love it, we believe these experiences can be worth it! Similarly, if you don’t have a football fan in the family, a car racing or Kentucky Derby package could do just as well!

2. Novelty Food Trays

If you’ve got someone in the family who likes to host parties that include viewing sports, you can never go wrong with a classic set of sports-themed food trays. From football shaped serving dishes to baseball themed bowls, these light-hearted party fair can be perfect for a gift to a loved one, or as part of a White Elephant or similar gift exchange.

3. Apparel

Whatever that person’s favorite sports team is, no matter the sport, they’ll never be sick of more apparel themed around it. Whether it’s their favorite college football team or their diehard hockey team, you can never have too much merch! The benefit of this gift is that you have such a variety of options, from a t-shirt to socks to a tie!

4. Reading Material

It’s never a bad thing to encourage a little bit of reading, even if the person isn’t typically a reader. Especially for sports fans, it’s a lot easier to get into a book about their favorite athlete or team. If you know a specific subject that might be of interest to them, find a book on it and order in time for the holidays! Who knows! Maybe they’ll make it a habit!

5. Equipment

Depending on what interests the person you’re buying for might have, you may be able to get them some useful equipment! If they like fishing, for example, find out something they might not have in their current tackle box. Another example could be a tennis racket, or maybe even just a gift card to a sporting goods store if you’re not able to find out any specifics!

Those are our ideas! Hopefully they’re at least enough to get your imagination running! Can you think of any other gift ideas for sports fans other than a tennis racket or Washington Redskins game package? Share them with us down below in the comments, and happy holidays!

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